Was that mosrtal sin?


Hello. I know it's kinda strange to ask other people if I did commit mortal sin and there are a lot of questions simillar to mine here but I just think maybe you might call my attention to something and help me. ( By the way, the following text has a bit of sexual content, and if you're not okay with it I ask you to leave).
There was one day when I spent much time involved in conversations that lead to impure thoughts. That night I kept on waking up several times during the night and I remember that every time I had an erection and kept relating my erection to some things I'm currently studying (and had been studying prior to go to bed) which is kinda weird looking back, but most of the times it involved rubbing my penis, and I dit it several times during the many times I was woke up, just for a bit . One of this several times I eneded up ejaculating. The thing is I was awake the moments that happened and that act consists masturbation. I have abstained from communion since than, but what puzzles me is that I can't go to confession because I'm not really sorry for it (just for the conversations I had that day). So I thought maybe you could help me see something I can't.
Thanks in advance.


Well, in order for it to be am mortal sin, you need three things:

1: The act must be grave matter (sexual sins, such as masturbation, always are)
2: The act must be entered into with full knowledge of the gravity of the sin (from your post, it seems you have this knowledge)
3: The act must be entered into with full consent.

That last one is where it starts to get foggy, especially with sins like masturbation. Only you can really know if you entered into it freely, so only you can truly know if it was a mortal sin or not.

Whenever I give in to such temptations, even if I think the consent may not have been there, I generally abstain from communion and attend reconciliation as soon a possible. This is definitely one of those "better safe than sorry" situations.


Just to add to the above...these things happening when one is sleeping or just waking up can effect the "free consent' aspect.

When we are asleep our "guard is down" and any thought can instantly become an action (virtually, in our dream, and sometimes even physically). The moment(s) between sleep and waking can be tricky in determining whether one is sufficiently awake and in control.

As to the conversations (which you say you are not sorry for)...We do not have enough information...nor are we asking for any more information. This is something that is better discussed with your confessor who can give you better and more specific advice.



Borderline. If you are sure that you was awake yes, if you are not sure, no.

There is this very "thin" line between sleep and being awake. We can actually dream that we are awake. But I would confess it, just to be sure.


Sorry, I think I expressed myself in a wrong way. The sin I said I can't regret is the masturbation...the conversations are the part I regret.


OK, no, I think I did understand you wrong. No harm done?


[quote="RafaelVeritatis, post:5, topic:332960"]
Sorry, I think I expressed myself in a wrong way. The sin I said I can't regret is the masturbation...the conversations are the part I regret.


Again - I think that this is something that needs to be reviewed with your confessor...especially in light of your other thread wherein you share your struggles with this sin.



I agree with James. Talk with your priest, and tell him all details. God bless you.


Yes, don't put off going to Confession just because you don't feel guilty about that one part. If you want clarity, Confession is the place to go.


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