Was the American Revolution morally justified?

This is an honest theological question; I am happy to be American, and have no agenda here, other than generating discussion and sharing points of view.

My point of view is this. I am so grateful for all the freedoms our great nation affords, but at the same time I cannot help but wonder whether the revolt against the crown were unethical, the reason being: all authority comes from God, and without submission to civil authority, no society can maintain order. Granted, there were abuses of power in the 18th c., but was it really so bad that so many had to die and separate from one another?

Please do not simply answer yes or no; explain why or why not.

War is hard to justify, ever.

But without the Revolution, there would be no America.

Without America, there would be no you or I.

So lets give thanks to our forefathers for the courage that they had,

and may God bless America

Look at the good of our country.

Be thankful that we declared our independence.

Thanks to our founding fathers and all those who fought for our independence and continued to make America great!

I am not so sure it is justifiable.

Now, I have defended the American Revolution in some terms before. Britain behaved badly when she quartered her troops. And while the Boston Massacre seems to be trumped up in American history, it was still a bad move. So were the Intolerable Acts.

But I don’t think those are justification for war. We say representation is an human right, in retrospect. But was it ever before, and is it just to make war because the government is taxing you without your representation?

Britain should have been taxing them the whole time - and keeping warm correspondence with America the whole time. They did wrong in leaving America alone, to its own devices, for 100+ years.

That said, if Queen Elizabeth wants to reclaim the United States, or at least the original 13 colonies, Her Majesty will have one American supporter at least. America was Britain’s. She gave it up under duress, not of her own free will like the rest of the commonwealth. And England has the right to chastitse America, if she ever gets the opportunity - just as God chastises sinners He leaves to their own devices in life.

God save the Queen.

If one believes in the American belief that rights come from God, then the monarchy of the insane George III was less than legitimate, and Americans were within their rights to declare independence after long protests.

There is a reason why the shot at Concord Bridge was “the shot heard round the world.” The American Revolution was not just about America.

I also think about the destruction and immoral treatment of the native Americans.

I tend to bristle at the romanticization of the early American years, and that includes the founding fathers…

There does tend to be a looking thru rose colored glasses when looking to the historical past of America and it’s founding…

I think it is justified. It is an insult to human autonomy, independence, and dignity to submit to a tyrannical throne as an inferior title. :shrug:

Regardless of some things I have trouble with (like that passage in the Declaration of Independence about the “savage Indians”), the American Revolution was a great event led by visionary people, IMHO. This is relevant in some sense to your question about justification, also its relevance to Catholicism:


I am not an American, just a history lover. I wish you guys a happy Independence Day!

There is a passage about savage indians in the declaration of independence? That is news to me!

Happy 4th to america!

Throughout history there are injustices. Life wasn’t a bed of roses back then. I don’t think there is anyone who thinks those were romantic


If "rose colored glasses’ you mean that some of us would not be overly friendly toward England because of its actions, not just in America, in places like Ireland and towards Franch at the end of the Seven Years War (earlier in the 1700’s) and its action during 1933 to 1938, then I’m wearing rose colored glasses. :smiley:

“10 Things You Should Know About the American Founding”

Part of the “British” troopes were not British but were ‘Hussian’ (German), like Geo.III was. Also, most (if not all) of the Irish (both Green and Oringe) were pro-leaving the British to their own devices. I, for one, would not want the English back here. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

One of my 4th great grandfathers fought in the Revolutionary War (Massachusetts Militia), while a 5th great grandfather was a Loyalist, and left his home in New Jersey for Canada. I sometimes wonder what I would have done if I were alive in those days. Would I have sided with the Crown or the Colonists? All I can say about whether or not the Revolution was moral is that it seemed moral to our Founding Fathers at the time, and I am a grateful beneficiary of their decision.

Oh yes indeed. It’s part of the D.of I.


"He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian savages, whose known rule of warfare, is undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.

Never am comfortable with the 4th of July and can’t look at it with rose colored glasses or romanticize it. Why? Simple. Because I have had the privilege of knowing people who are Native AMericans. I know the crimes against their cultures, against their ancestors, the raping of their lands and their people, that came with the growth and “founding” of America. Truth be told, America was not “founded”…It was taken over by European immigrants, and taken over by violence…
With that, to all of those I have known and loved who are Native Americans and who have Native American ancestors, I will never forget at what cost to your ancestors, your people, your culture, this day means….and I am sorry that most are blind to that historical fact….I don’t wear rose colored glasses on the 4th.

He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us - meaning king george III?

The indians did fight savagely. That is how life was back then.

There are still many injustices against the native americans. I live on the border of the navajo nation. However I will also say that many native americans are very patriotic and many have fought and lost their lives fighting in wars on america’s behalf. Look at the code talkers.
This is still their land and is sacred to them. I don’t think they want a forrign power running our country.

In many ways that is a naive stereotype however. It would depend on the tribe

Some of the tribes did, but certainly not all. Many here the the north east were very peaceful and non-violent…

So far as conquering the world goes, the British did more conquering than Alexander the Great ever dreamed of doing. Of course, it took them several centuries longer, but they methodically reached out and imposed their will on every land they could. They helped themselves mightily to the natural resources of these lands and got fat off of the wealth of nations. They apparently thought there was no end to their appetite for conquest. But no nation in the history of the world has ever gotten away for very long with such a rabid lust for wealth and power. It’s simply unnatural, against nature. The Americans saw their chance and took it. It was in the nature of the beast that they should do so. They took what they believed was rightfully theirs, and they knew they could govern themselves better than they were being governed.

The Catholic Church supports the idea of a just war. Was this a just war?

Did England’s bubble begin to burst just when it should have? You decide.

The American constitution, better than any the world had ever seen, was born out of that struggle with England. If that Constitution were to fall apart, if we were to lose our rights, would we be right to submit? Would it be a virtue to submit to tyranny? Would we like to have taxation today without representation? Or would we be willing to bear arms to make sure that could never happen again? :shrug:

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