Was the attributes of Jesus copied from Buddha?

I ran across a website


It basically states that Jesus is another form of Buddha. I think they are even implying that Jesus came from Bhudda

The site claims that, like Jesus, Buddha was sinless, walked on water, was a sacrificial savior (Buddha is known as the MAHA PURUSHA. This Purusha is a human sacrifice or Purushamedha, from which all creation comes forth)

, was part of a trinity, was predicted by seers, and he was the way and the truth.

The site also claims that the verse “He who believes in me, believes not in me but in whom who sent me.” made by Jesus was also made by Buddha long before. Here is the link to that part of the site.


Are any of these claims from this website about Buddha factual? And do they in anyway diminish Jesus’s divinity?

Was the attributes of Jesus copied from Buddha?


If you find the subject interesting, some people also see associations with Jesus and Krishna.

Jesus is Jesus…not someone else…

Any wisdom that was spoken say by Buddha etc …is rather in a real sense from Jesus ~ as the eternal Logos …

Seeds of the Logos as it were…preparations even for the Gospel.

Claims of pre Christian trinities are hard to swallow. Where in the Buddhist writings are there discussions on the nature of three persons and their essence?

I don’t think any of the miracles were recorded by eyewitnesses but were written many years later. It would be interesting to see if there are any writings from his time about his miracles.

I also think that his miracles never involved other people - he never healed anyone or raised someone from the dead.

Perhaps you should spend more time reading Catholic documents than you do with tripod.com.

We believe that Jesus is God. It really doesn’t matter what other groups say. Learn more about Catholicism from Catholic sources if you have doubts and questions, like this site.

Is the theology of Jesus and the theology of Buddha anything alike? No.

Was the attributes of Jesus copied from Buddha? – Short answer = no.

Is it possible that some of the more ancient religions got SOMETHINGS about God correct – yes.

Was the Buddha the Son of God? – no

Did God try to communicate with other groups before the Jews? – perhaps, but if God did, the other groups didn’t properly understand.

Regardless, the only thing that matters is what God has reviled via His Son, +Jesus Christ.

God Bless!

Spot on. :thumbsup:

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity who became incarnate of the Blessed Virgin Mary, true God and true Man, lived, died, rose from the dead, and ascended into heaven. He alone is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

What I thought you were asking at first was, “Jesus” copied from the “Buddha”.

While I do not believe Jesus is “another Buddha”, I think it quite possible that the gospel writers may have been somewhat familiar with Buddism to an extent as the Middle East were trade routes and many ideas and beliefs exchanged. Some of “Buddha’s compassion” may have been projected onto Jesus of Nazareth by the writers of the gospels…but “No, Jesus is not a Buddha nor a reincarnation of the Buddha”…

Did Jesus copy buddha? NO

Urban legend has it that during the “missing years” of Jesus, He traveled to Asia & learned the Dharma, which influenced His teachings.

Buddha was not divine, nor do (properly taught) Buddhists worship him.


If we were to believe this kind of thing Christianity would have disappeared a long time ago.


Jesus drew from the ancient wisdom in the bible. He drew from the historical figures, from the wisdom literature, from the prophets. There is ample amount of direct quotations of Jesus from those sources that there is absolutely no need to look elsewhere for what inspired him. This is so much the case that Pope Benedict mentioned in his book Jesus of Nazareth that a Jewish Rabbi studied him and said, Jesus added nothing to the Bible, except Himself. What he meant was that every word that came out of the mouth of Jesus was something that already pre-existed in Judaism. The only thing Jesus brought was himself as the Messiah, the son of God, the fulfillment of the old testament.

Again, to look at Buddhism as a source for Jesus’ teachings is to take Jesus completely out of his historical context. No real historian would claim this.

God bless,

So is it true that Buddha could walk on water and walk through walls?

Also, was his birth prophescized like Jesus’s was?

I’ve never heard any of that (including from other Buddhists) until I saw this website that gives most of the key attributes to Buddha that Jesus had.

Mainly asking the Buddhists on this page if these claims are true about Buddha.

Even if they said yes, it is true,…it is still not true.

There are countless sites that make claims that are not true.

Only Jesus rose from the dead victorious!

who sent buddha? anybody know?

Jesus is the fulfillment of the the OT prophecies. Jesus in His human nature descended from abraham.

the buddha possessed none of these very defining attributes of Jesus.

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