Was the curse of Creation a necessary consequence of Orgininal Sin?

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I was asked the above question recently, whether the fall or curse of creation (the ground in Gen 3:17) was a necessary consequence of the sin of Adam, that is, it did not have to happen. In other words, God could have chosen for Adam, Eve and their decedents to be under the power of original sin, but creation would have remained in its pristine form. Then there is Gen 8:21 after the flood where God says that never again will he curse the ground because of Man, making it seem like a choice that God could make and not a necessary consequence of an evil action on the part of man.

This is pertinent because I know of a Catholic (from whom I have learned so much from) who maintains that God could have chosen for Mary to not have been immaculately conceived but He did so because if was more fitting. I argued the opposite that is was necessary for Mary to be born immaculately conceived if she were to be the mother of God, and I believe this is more in line with the teaching of the Church.

So was it necessary for creation to be cursed as a result of original sin, or was it unnecessary but fitting?

Original Sin as with every other sin is born of a departure from GOD’S Love and from PRIDE in doing ones own will even if it is opposed to the Will of GOD. That is the seed of all sin , actual and original. Therefore , the argument really is - Is the Immaculate Conception of Mary inconsequential to the Curse brought on by Sin. We have to by nature , understand that the FATHER the SON and the HOLY GHOST are ONE GOD. Therefore - In the Unity of GOD there can never be opposition. Sin only applies to man and only can apply to man. Because Mary is the mother of GOD it is always necessary for her Naturre to be free from all Stain and vestige of Sin , both Actual and Original and it is her Sole perogative alone because of her unique and single relationship with Almighty GOD which is hers and hers alone. So it is impossible for Mary to have not been immaculately concieved. As one contemplates the Birth of Christ and the Necessity of His death on the Cross and the inception of His Church, how can we then ignore the necessity of the Immaculate Conception as well. To me , they are all interelated.

The gravity of Sin and how GOD Chose to overcome sin is the foundation for all.

I would say that it is more fitting rather than something of necessity. God could have done things an infinite number of different ways. I think that one reason that he chose to curse creation, as you say, was because man was formed out of that very earth and he wanted to show man the gravity of offending him. Sin affects everyhing is the point.

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