Was the Fall a planet-local event?


Angels can never have children, for several reasons. First of all, they are purely spiritual creatures. They do not have a physical body. The only time they seemed to have a body, was when they were sent by God to perform certain tasks that required them to appear to be regular men. Second of all, they have no gender. They are neither male, nor female. So, it’s completely impossible for them to ever produce any children.


“oh happy fault…” from the Exultet at the Easter vigil. It’s about the plan of redemption.


I think it’s more that nature fell out of harmony against humanity but not necessarily themselves.


It’s very true that nature “fell out of harmony” with humanity, but it also became twisted itself, as well. How else could you explain things like genetic deformities, which not only happen in humanity, but all throughout the natural world? Those kinds of things are the end result and residual effects of sin in the world since the fall.


A very interesting point. It seems to me that genetic deformities are more common in humans than in animals, and more common in “higher” animals (large mammals) than in tiny ones. A dog with a birth defect is common. A spider with a birth defect? Not that I know of – but then I’m not an expert.

If I’m right about this, it seems that the more developed the animal, the more it partakes of the fallen state of Creation. In other words, the more it partakes of evil. Is this a stretch? I don’t think so. Monkeys are quite evil, not in some playful way, but in a seriously sadistic way. I think anybody who has lived around them knows this. But the thought of an evil frog or an evil wasp seems absurd.


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