Was The Flying Nun character inspired from a real life flying saint?

In the 17th century, lived a man named St. Joseph of Cupertino aka
The Flying Saint. Could he have been the inspiration for the tv show The Flying Nun?

I think it was the particular habit featured in the series.

The Flying Nun is based on the book, The Fifteenth Pelican, by Marie Teresa Ríos (“Tere Rios”). See this link that shows the book’s cover art, which should be quite familiar.

As noted in part in this article, the show received positive advice and praise from Catholic clergy and vowed religious. Note that the credits show it received assistance or endorsement from a Catholic television accreditation group existing at the time.

Interesting about *The Fifteenth Pelican *being the basis for The Flying Nun. If the story is about a flying nun, then perhaps St. Joseph of Cupertino was the basis.:hmmm:

No, I think it unlikely that Joseph of Cupertino was in any way an influence.

Maybe the concept was inspired by Sister Mary Aquinas Kinskey O.S.F., whom the press actually nicknamed “The Flying Nun.” She taught aviation and aeronautics at Notre Dame in the 1940s, became a licensed pilot and, during the war, taught aviation to future soldiers, as well as other nuns who would do the same.

Since the author of the Fifteenth Pelican was a female Catholic member of the Civil Air Patrol herself, it would not surprise me if she had at least heard the phrase, “The Flying Nun.”

I recall that MAD Magazine’s satire of that program was titled “The Flying Nut”.

Sally Fields regretted being in that show. She got no work for the next six years, from age 23 to 29. Terrible loss in her prime years.

I remember thinking “You gotta be kidding me” (Only said with more colorful language) when I heard the premise of the show.

Watched it though, and while it definitely wasn’t good at all…it wasn’t as bad as that one show about the talking car. Definitely no Mister Ed though…

Talking Horses > Flying Nuns > Talking Cars. That is the moral here.

.it wasn’t as bad as that one show about the talking car.

That would have to be “My Mother the Car”
Awesome in its awfulness! … :bigyikes: … :banghead: , :takethat:

Critics and adult viewers generally panned the show, often savagely. In 2002, TV Guide proclaimed it to be the second-worst of all time, just behind The Jerry Springer Show.[1] In 2010 The O’Reilly Factor recorded its viewers as listing it as the worst show of all time.

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