Was the last supper a mass?

When Jesus said “this is my body which will be offered up for you” he wouldn’t be lying - so I’m guessing the answer is yes - i just wonder how it fits in with the sacramental economy in general.

e.g. Jesus instituted baptism at the river Jordon - but was his baptism a sacramental baptism? Were the apostles baptised?

These questions make me realise that I know very little about how the apostolic period fits in to the grand scheme of salvation history

e.g. do you have: 1. Patriachs and prophets
2. Apostolic Age
3. Sacramental Age

My instinct is to adopt a “need to know” policy on all of this and say that the last supper WAS a mass, that the sacraments were instituted by christ and that as for the rest of it - who cares… but I’d be interested to hear other peoples views…

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