Was the LOST TV series a metaphor for Catholicism?

It seemed to me that there were so many Catholic metaphors in the TV series LOST, but most of my friends either only watched a few episodes, or failed to see it the way I did. Did anyone else catch all the metaphors, or am I reading too deeply into it?

One of the writers (not sure which one) is Catholic.

I only watched the first 1.5 seasons, but it seems there were quite a few religious themes or allusions which were mixed in. I’m not sure they were always consistent within the Catholic world-view though.

If anything, it was an expose of government manipulation and control. The island was an experimental lab.


Look through the Lost Season 6 thread for an extensive discussion of the Catholic aspects of the show along with links to other related articles on that same theme.

Carlton Cuse (the showrunner along with Damon Lindelof) is a practicing Catholic, and that is reflected in the show to an extent, though the show cannot be crammed into some sort of "Catholic allegory" type of box.

Thanks for the link to the other thread.

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