Was the marriage of St. Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary a valid one?

A question that has bothered me since I’ve decided to become Catholic is that since our Lady was a virgin her entire life did that make her marriage to St. Joseph invalid since I believe the Church teaches we must be able to consummate the marriage for it to be valid?

Or was it just the ability for intercourse that allowed the marriage to be valid but it was never exercised?

Consent makes a marriage valid (Can. 1057 §1). Consummation makes it indissoluble (Can. 1061 §1).

You are correct that in order for consent to be valid the couple must at least have the potential to consummate the marriage (Can. 1084 §1) but validity does not rest upon actual consummation.

Mary and Joseph did not need to consummate their marriage to have a valid marriage.

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