Was the nuclear incineration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in any sense pleasing to God?

I say, “Yes!”

Germany was not reduced to ashes at the end of World War I, like it was in World War II. What happened? It came back, even stronger than before, resulting in the deaths of many, many, many more millions of people in World War II.

And Germany was SO drunk with power and murder and blood that even after the firebombing of Dresden which killed 100,000 children, women anbd men – more than Hiroshima or Nagasaki – the murder machine in the death camps continued, and the army refused to surrender.

Instead of annihilating the Iraqi army, the U.S. Army seized Bagdad and allowed the Iraqis to retreat to their homes. What is happening today? About 20 people a day are being murdered by former Iraqi soldiers with un-destroyed armaments.

Japan was SO drunk with power that even after the military realized that Hiroshima had been reduced to radioactive powder, they resolved to fight on! Even after Nagasaki was also reduced to powder, many resolved to fight on, and this would have happened had not the Emperor relented.

Nah! The liberal, peace-loving position seems “religiously safe,” in this website, but the liberal, peace-loving position actually leads to more murder.

Life is complex. Morality is complex. Blind opposition to killing in war is immoral. That blind opposition, itself, leads to death.

…but the liberal, peace-loving position actually leads to more murder.

As is so often the case, good intentions notwithstanding.


Somehow I doubt that it was pleasing to God; it is an impossible question for us to truly answer anyway, but I don’t doubt that it was necessary for us to nuke them.

No. It was evil to target civllians, against Just War Theory and all that. One may not do evil that Good may come of it.

**God loves all of us! ** (I hope you have got all my referances posted especially for you at another thread)!

I don’t think it pleases God to se nation raise against nation and murder each others innocent inhabitants.

The bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki was evil.

The bombing of Dresden was evil, too!

I repeat one of the links from the other thread and add a new one on the Dresden bombing.

The Fire-bombing of Dresden, An eye-witness account:

Angela’s story, The destruction of Dresden:

Was the nuclear incineration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in any sense pleasing to God?

In that it ended a war, prevented many more deaths, and defeated an evil empire: Yes

In that it killed innocents and caused much suffering: No


The Rabbis have a story that the angels broke out in to songs of praise and celebration when the Red Sea swallowed up Pharoe’s army, but God told them to stop.

I don’t think that He was pleased.

As for the necessity, I don’t think that anyone here has all of the information necessary to condemn the prudential judgement of those in charge of the decision, particularly with regard to Nagasaki. I’ve spent a little time trying to gather information on it’s military value (the exact number of industrial sites there, their location, size, and output, their importance to the war effort, the total tonnage of ordnance required to destroy the factories, the distribution of residential areas nearby, etc.) with not much sucess. If anyone knows where I can find such information, or better yet a completed publication, I’d appreciate knowing about it.



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