was the Old Testament in the Koran just like the Jewish bible?

I’m not a scripture scholar by any means so this mighe be a dumb question. But is the Old Testament (stories of Moses,David,Jonah,King Solomon,etc) in the Koran?

Mentions are made of all 3 and to several other figures from the Hebrew scriptures. Usually the references are kept relatively brief (esp., compared to the Hebrew scriptures where you get whole books dedicated to the history of Israel, etc.), though occasionally they add new information to the legends that are not found in the canonical Hebrew versions.

Many stories of the Old Testament are alluded to, but the books themselves do not appear in the Koran. The Koran is not that sort of book, but rather a compilation, from longest to shortest, of various texts all of which are attributed to Mohammed.

How could the OT in Koran ever be like the Jewish bible? That would be impossible unless it was meticulously written. Besides it is supposed to be inspired by an illiterate who had no eye witnesses of the so called revelations. Besides I doubt Islam would exist if it agreed with everything the Jewish Bible had.


As others have already said, not entire books, just a mixture of references to characters and stories. At times there are contradictions - for example, in the Bible, all of Noah’s family survived the flood (Gen 7:1, 7), whereas in the Quran one of his sons dies (S 11:42-43).

There are also no direct quotes of the Old Testament in the Quran, as opposed to the New Testament, which is literally dotted with citations and direct references to the Old Testament.

The quran incoporates some of the stories within the torah concerning the prophets, although its might have been just by word of mouth.

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