Was the Pope spied on? Do you care?

Was the Pope spied on? … And as a Catholic, or a non-Catholic are you concerned? What if Billy Graham was spied on?

More here at the Daily Mail News - dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2480484/Did-NSA-spy-POPE-U-S-spies-accused-intercepting-phone-calls.html

Your thoughts?

I wish more world leaders would listen to what he says.

I don’t know if he was, but it doesn’t concern me and I’ll explain why.

One doesn’t become the Pope by doing things he must hide. I don’t believe there is a reason to spy on him or that anyone will find something if they do spy.

But, if someone is spying on him, they really need to spy on someone that needs spying, like politicians.


Also, His Holiness is a world leader; world leaders get spied on; it is the nature of the beast. I’m not concerned.


I don’t know why but it really gives me the creeps…:bigyikes:

My gut reaction is that listening to Pope Francis can’t hurt them at the NSA and might even do them some good.

The UK went to great effort to surveil Charles De Gaulle when he was President of France. It turned out to be a huge waste of time and money because he said the exact same things in private that he said in public. I suspect that has been the case with all of the recent Popes as well.

The Church representative stated “'We are not aware of anything on this issue and in any case we have no concerns about it”

The if they do not care, why should we? There are many more things to be concerned about (or better yet be praying about) rather then getting upset at irresponsible use of Government resources.

Personally, I hope that a few of the NSA monitors hear something to teach them about the love of God and maybe even convert;)

God Bless

I think the only part that bothered me was that apparently, they were also spying on the Conclave of Cardinals prior to the election of Pope Francis. That’s just wrong on so may levels–but it doesn’t surprise me that they did it–or tried to. I think this is one that Pope Francis will have to handle. If it bothers him, then as a Catholic, we should all be bothered. If he plays it down, then I’ll go along as well. It sure shows the nastiness of our present government–and how lame they are to get caught spying on–of all people— the German Chancellor and the pope…:shrug:


On paper I agree. In practice they’ll probably misinterprete.:rolleyes:


Who isnt the obama admistration spying on at this point?

If he was, I am mostly concerned about a waste of taxpayer money. The pop has never been a threat to our nation.
The greater evil is the second part, not Graham specifically, but the spying on American citizens in general.

EDIT: I might add that if any American religious leaders are bering spied on today, they would be Cardinal Dolan and LCMS President Harrison for the outspoken opposition to the current regime’s attempt to limit religious liberty through the HHS Mandate.

Don’t know, don’t care!

I don’t know if he was. I think it is sad our goverment would waste its time spying on the Pope. Because you know the Pope is a major threat to the USA and all. Bring peace to the poor is wrong appearenlty to the US

I get the sense that the NSA can do whatever they want to whomever they want without any consequence. Diplomatic immunity at its finest? :shrug:

Is the Pope spied on; probably.

Does it concern me; no

I’m sure the reports are true. I’m not at all concerned.

This just shows how irrelevant the church is today and that nobody cares. :rolleyes:

As long as Obama doesn’t involve his drones in spying on the pope,I agree that he might be the better for listening to Pope Francis speak for awhile. But, then again, doesn’t Obama save most of his drones for USA citizens anyway? So I doubt we have anything to worry about!:thumbsup:

The Vatican has one of the best intelligence operations in the world, rivaling that of Israel. With the state of our own intelligence gathering being diminished, I think they may be looking for information, not about the Vatican, but the rest of the world. We must remember that the Vatican is recognized as a sovereign state, not just a religious entity.

While I find spying on our friends deceitful, it has been done throughout history and we should not be surprised. I would also venture to guess that this has been done by other administrations as well.

I have no doubt that every “friendly” nation either has spies or has recruited Americans to spy in this country in their behalf. It’s as old as national sovereignty. No biggie.

I doubt we are using drones over the Vatican, and if we did, they’d get shot down. Italy has no reason to tolerate them obstructing their airspace.

The information we’d seek is human, not physical, in nature anyhow.


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