Was the Renaissance the shattering of the Middle Ages or the culmination?

Please discuss, I would like to hear your opinions about such a topic, as I have great interest in antiquity and Catholic history.

Thank you very much.
God bless you.

The Renaissance didn’t just “happen;” it was something that gradually came into being over time. Nothing happens in a vacuum and that includes the Renaissance.

The Renaissance, in my view, is more like the transition between the Medieval worldview to the modern worldview.

In many ways, our era too is a transition between the modern era -or as I call it, the Protestant era- and whatever is coming next, which we don’t have a good name for, probably because we don’t have a good look at it yet (think of our common placeholder name for it: postmodern).

Remember, these are general trends. There really was a difference between the medieval worldview and the modern one, but the situation and lines are more complicated.

Christi pax.

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