Was the serpent in Genesis Satan or just some mischievous animal?


But it goes on to say satan must be released again for a short time…why must he be released again…its because he serves a purpose to God, he is ‘that other choice’, he provides the temptation so people can make/ have a choice in the first place.


Good point!


God created man for incorruption,
and made him in the image of his own eternity,
but through the devil’s envy death entered the world (Wisdom 2:23-24a)


To understand the Serpent better, remove him from the story. Adam and Eve don’t sin then? The Serpent is a catalyst in this story, that causes a major change. A change for the worse. Perhaps the Serpent should be viewed as a instrument of Freewill. The Visionary Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich held the “serpent” was an embodiment of their will (Adam & Eve). And also claimed the serpent was entangled in their nature. So perhaps the serpent represents the changeable nature, our animal nature and passions. Satan entered into the serpent and tempted them in this way, through their animal passions.


The Bible is not a science book or a history book. The “story” is told with imagery that is intended to have an effect. Not many people like snakes, and here’s a special one who causes Adam and Eve to sin. It’s the moral of the story that is important.

It is curious how interpretations of that story have been written over the years. There are squabbles about which fruit (if any) the story was referring to.

Short answer: Look for God’s message in the story, as we have received it. don’t worry aobut the Gilgamesh story that is vaguely similar – that was not inspired, but the Genesis account is considered to have been inspired. There’s all the unsettled issues about Genesis which miss its point.

The scribes and Pharisees of Jesus’ day were not arguing about snakes. It seems to be a morality story wrapped up in a warning about snake safety, rolled into one. The snake may have been the most feared animal in the area, so became the villain of the “fall.”

Although it is common among Protestants, I don’t think many Catholic use Strong’s concordance, to look up all the citations about snakes in the Bible. Of course, Strong’s is referenced to the King James Version, but it is still helpful as far as it goes, to do that sort of search. Look up ALL the references to serpents and snakes and see what the collective message is.


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