Was there a point that only God existed?


It was not His divine nature that changed and became a man. What happened was that the human and divine nature were united in the Person of Christ without detriment or change happening to His divine nature. Christ, as God, never changed when He assumed human nature.


There is only one time.


Let me ask the question this way: how could the universe exist and exist not at the same point?


Let me ask the question this way: how could the universe exist and exist not at the same point?


There is only one real time, and it exists only when material things exist. Any other time is imaginary.

Why not?

It can’t. But what is your point?


How can Schrödinger’s cat be both dead and alive?


I thought that there were at least two times. There is real time, and there is rotated time. Imaginary time was real time, but it has undergone a Wick rotation.


The ensemble interpretation of quantum mechanics resolves the paradox.


The early universe would have been small enough for quantum mechanics to apply wouldn’t it?


Yes. However, the question at hand is the correct interpretation of quantum mechanics.


The universe has never not existed at any time.

But that doesn’t mean it’s been around for infinite time.



One really cannot speak of “before creation”, since before implies time, and time only exists with the universe.


Please prove that there was no time at all before the creation of the material universe. There was time before the material universe existed. In fact, you had the good angels and you had the bad angels, including Satan, before the existence of the material universe, and they were in a time period. The proof that they were in a time period is that there was a time when the bad angels were not fallen. They fell later on after they were created but before the creation of the material universe.


Because God is needed if the universe has a beginning.

Therefore the universe cannot exist and can exist from God’s perspective.


I mean how the universe could exist and exist not at the same point from God’s perspective?


In the beginning, God created the first and last moments of time, and every time in between.

Einstein identified time and space as two aspects of a single reality, so you can’t have space without time, nor time without space. If angels exist within time, they exist within space.


If God is needed for the universe to begin existing, then with more reason He is needed for the universe to exist forever.

In the same way, if you need to turn on the electric current to illuminate an enclosed, dark room, then you need the same electric current to keep that room perpetually illuminated.

Do you realize what you just did? You violated the principle of non-contradiction! The universe simply cannot be existent and non-existent at the same instant - from God’s perspective or from anybody’s perspective.


That is a model of our universe after the Big Bang. . It may not be exactly right before a singularity point such as the Big Bang.


You can illuminate the room with a match or a candle.


That doesn’t follow.

No. I wanted to say that the existence of the universe and non-existence of universe from Go’s perspective leads to a contradiction.


Hahaha, that’s true. The point is, you need a source of illumination if you want to keep the room lighted.

Oh OK, we can agree on that.

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