Was there more than one Incarnation?


I’m assuming the answer to this question is “No”, but how are we to understand the verses in scripture that speak of God walking with Adam and Even in the Garden? Or when Jacob wrestled with God and had his hip dislocated? Or even when the throne of God appeared to Ezekiel. Were these things apparitions?


There was no other Incarnation.

But God is not limited by time, and He can appear to time bound human beings in the human soma He has not yet taken on.



The burning bush, the pillar of fire leading the Israelites, the tongues of fire at Pentecost… ???

Perhaps these are not examples of ‘becoming flesh’ but they seem to be examples of ‘becoming material’.

There’s also the question of examples of incarnation of angels and fallen angels including Satan.


Jacob did not wrestle with God. He wrestled with an angel.


We know and believe scripture is inerrant, but many things that are above our understanding and not essential to living our faith, are best left aside. Psalm 131 is a good meditation.
Psalm 131

1 My heart is not proud, Lord,
my eyes are not haughty;
I do not concern myself with great matters
or things too sublime for me.

2 But I have calmed and quieted myself,
I am like a weaned child with its mother;
like a weaned child I am content.

3 Israel, put your hope in the Lord
both now and forevermore.

Yes, holy men of God have received visions, or as you called it, apparitions, yet we are not privy to the full understanding of what these men were given.

The** incarnation** is understood exclusively of the birth of Christ Jesus. “Creation” would be a better word to describe Adam and Eve.


The incidents referred to above are usually described as theophanies.

see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theophany

Incarnation is a theological term (which means that automatically I don’t understand it). But , as best as I can say:

The creation of the world is a primitive form of incarnation, where the Word of God takes on a created form.

Catholics look at scripture as an incarnation of the Word of God.

Also, Christ is the most visible incarnation of the Word of God.

And, as established, the Eucharist is an ultimate form of incarnation of God on earth.

Finally, the indwelling of the Trinity in us at the recepton of the Eucharist is also a personal occasion of incarnation in our flesh – inasmuch as the Eucharist is considered the source and summit of our Christian life on earth.


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