Was this a mortal sin?

Earlier this week, I did something that could have been a mortal sin. I need to know whether or not it was, because I have no more opportunities to go to Confession today and I am attending All Saint’s Day Mass in 2 hours. I tried to go to Confession the day after committing my possibly mortal sin, but the website of my parish had incorrect times for the Confession.

Okay, so I guess I’ll describe the sin. I have been struggling with masturbation, and I have been pure since my Confession three weeks ago. However, one of the things that really tempts me is a website that sometimes has tempting images on it (Facebook). I deleted the app from my phone, and now I only use it to accept friend requests. However, last time I was accepting one, I looked at an account that I knew would have tempting pictures. Nothing pornographic, just revealing. I did not masturbate and exited after 5 minutes or so. I have heard that “submission to an occasion of sin” can be a mortal sin in itself, does this qualify under that term?

I’m not your confessor, but my gut would be not mortal. Only you know what was going on in your mind, but if the images were not pornographic (e.g. women in swimsuits or some such) I don’t see any mortal sin in simply looking.

If you seriously entertained and encouraged lustful thoughts while viewing the pictures, that might rise to the occasion of mortal sin.

God Bless

It depends. Did you start imagining any sexual thoughts about said photos in your head? If so, did you resist those thoughts right away, or give way to letting those thoughts play out and enjoy it… If you resisted, you’re okay. If you took part in them, then well… yeah. Mortal sin. One thing I’ve noticed about being in mortal sin is you like you care less about God and you feel more invested in pleasures of the world. Try and take note. If you still think about God lots, then chances are you may not be in mortal sin. Also, you clearly have to have wanted to mortal sin, to break away from God.

My priest told me that if one cant tell if its a mortal sin or a venial you can feel for the conscience. If you have a feeling of guilt and remorse of what you did, it is most probably a mortal sin and if not its probably not, but why dont confess it anyway?
I mean, arent we encouraged to confess venial sins aswell?

God Bless you for Your willingness to follow Gods Law and remember he knows that you really commiting Yourself to live a life in his service:)
When we fall (and we all do) the important thing is that we as soon as possible turn away from Our sin and face God. He is more mercifull than we can even imagine.

God Bless!

Feeling guilt doesn’t necessarily mean it’s mortal! I personally feel guilt for even venial because they’re still sins.

I can’t give a direct answer if this would be mortal or not however!

I thank you all greatly for your responses and support. Yes, I do feel guilty, and I intend to Confess as soon as possible, but there was no Confession available before the Mass. I decided to receive the Eucharist, as I can’t remember any intentional lustful thoughts I had while viewing the inappropriate material. I prayed the Litany of Saints and to the Holy Spirit for guidance in my decision, and my soul felt at peace both before and after receiving Communion. I thank you all again for your wonderful support and aid!

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