Was this a mortal sin


So a couple of days ago I was just playing around on the net on one of these comedy meme sites. I came across a video which was a few minutes long and was a prank. I found out, while watching it, that it was a young women who would order pizza from several different companies and then answer the door in a towel (without a bra) and then would ‘accidentally’ drop it. Her breast were blurred over so you weren’t able to see anything (such as shape or size) and I looked away at those parts (or indeed the parts where her ‘friends’ appeared in just their underwear) or where I thought too much skins was showing (though obviously despite ones best efforts you still saw a lot of skin), my intention in watching was not to become aroused (and I didn’t) but rather to see the reaction of the various delivery drivers being put in this extremely awkward situation. After having finished watching it it started to prickle my conscience slightly. I tend to be quite scrupulous anyway but it’s been worrying me. If anything I have reasoned that I showed a great lack of prudence, and probably a lack of custody of the eyes… However, it stills weighs heavy on me. I received Communion today but still feel unsure. Did I get into a state of mortal sin when I didn’t just switch the video off when I realised what it was, or is it simply veinal. Any help welcome.


HaHa. So funny, I forgot to laugh. No, you did not commit a mortal sin by watching, but she may have by playing such a silly trick. Watching this kind of thing on the internet only encourages more like it and we should not be co-operating with such low class actions.


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