Was this a mortal sin?

I think someone may have asked this before but here’s the question:

I was masturbating and entertaining impure thoughts but then BANG I woke up. My hands were not in my pants and it’s clear to me that the masturbation part was just a dream and not real. However, I was also entertaining impure thoughts and though I was asleep I knew it was a mortal sin but still decided to go on.
After waking up I cut those thoughts immediately. Now I’m wondering if it’s possible to commit a mortal sin while asleep because mortal sin requires full consent. Can you help?

You cannot sin in your sleep.


You can’t commit a sin while you are asleep.

You can’t control dreams.

It’s not a moral sin, it’s not even a venial sin. It is a TEMPTATION. Know the difference.

I dream of killing or robbing sometimes.

Sometimes I dream of riding on a flying unicorn to do my killing and robbing. Then a purple cereal mascot is my judge and sets me free.

Have I sinned? Nope it’s called a sub (meaning less than or below) conscience (con meaning with, and science meaning knowlege) Since knowlege is a part of sin, you cannot sin in your subconscience.

Dear friend,

Please don’t make posts like these on these forums because they can easily lead others also into impurity.
You probably know the three conditions for a mortal sin:
Grave matter, full knowledge/sufficient reflection, full consent. If I commit a sin against chastity, and know it’s wrong, but do it anyway, that’s a mortal sin.
If you don’t know, ask a priest instead.

The Rosary is an amazing weapon for chastity, and any chain of impurity can be broken through it! God bless and grace you abundantly.
Remember to pray for me, and I’ll pray for you

You cannot fully consent when you are asleep.

I once had a dream that my sister’s dog was misbehaving, and to discipline it, I tapped it on the nose. To my surprise, the dog’s entire head fell off–like in a cartoon. Within the dream, I made a decision to hide my “crime.”

Later, when I went to confession, I asked my priest if I had sinned in my dream (the sin being the decision to hide the dead dog). He explained that it’s impossible to sin in your sleep because you don’t have control over your dreams, even the more lucid ones.

However, if you’re still concerned or if it would make you feel better, go ahead and take this to your next confession.

Mortal sin is deliberately killing your soul, up to the end of its meaning.

Generally these sort of dreams happen when you have a wet dream. It’s not a sin and completely normal. It’s the body’s way of getting rid of excess sperm/semen.

Dreams can be great.

I always dream I’m away somewhere at a resort or amusement park. Also, I dream that I’m at a shopping mall, looking at dresses and shoes.

That’s fun.

The only thing is, sometimes someone who is with me, and I don’t know who, keeps resisting my need to stop and look at something I want to get. It is annoying because then I can’t buy anything.


I just dream of whitewater kayaking. Then I wake up and I’m disappointed that I’m not actually in grade 5 rapids.

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