Was this a poor portrayal of birth control?

In an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, one of the 10th season episodes opens with the following exchange: a woman just raped is in a pharmacy asking for the morning-after pill. The pharmacist recommends she first see a doctor, and then asks if she has considered adoption. The victim then grabs her hands and says "no, I can't have his baby."

In the next exchange, the pharmacist says she plans to charge the victim with assault (for grabbing her hands). An off-hand character remarks something along the lines of, "can you believe the nerve of these doctors, trying to force their beliefs on their patients?" Det. Stabler, who is a Catholic, responds to that with (paraphrased) "maybe if she [the pharmacist] were raped, she would be more sensitive."

Do you think this portrays people opposed to birth control as insensitive or out of their minds?

That's sad... Law and Order has changed. I remember seeing an older episode that dealt with babies in petri dishes or something along those lines that ended with the main character saying that man was made in God's image, and perhaps it WE who have devolved (from the perborn babies). It was very powerful.

I do like how they referred to it as a baby at least. But I agree, things were implied.:mad:

I have wondered about what I would do if I was raped... I would raise the baby myself :) That's got to be the only way to undo the destruction of rape, the unconditional love your baby has for you :heaven:

If anybody has Netflix, this episode can be watched streaming online. The title is "Persona." I'm asking because I don't know if I'm being hypersensitive or if the writers of the episode legitimately had bad will against opponents of the morning after pill.

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