Was this a serious enough reason for missing Sunday mass?

Quick question. Would you judge the following as a serious enough reason for missing Sunday mass? Reason I’m asking is I won’t be able to go to confession this Saturday and I will be having surgery Friday and hope Im not in serious sin.

I’ve been having severe female problems (severe enough pain and symptoms they are operating on me.) I haven’t been doing much at all as the pain is worsening but was able to go to confession Saturday and the store to get food things for my surgery. But Sunday I felt worn out and though I did wash some dishes and do a load of laundry I spent the rest of the time in bed due to the pain and symptoms. But I pushed myself the day before to get to the confession and the store and yesterday to do some dishes and a load of towels for my husband. So if I spent those chunks of time I might have made it to mass, though sitting is quite painful due to the pressure it puts on my pelvis and such.

Am I being scrupulous or did I sin gravely and need to try to schedule apt with priest before surgery (though it’s going to be very hard to get there.)

Im so sorry for your pain and suffering. I will pray that your surgery resolves your pain. My DD, aged 30, has stage 4 endometriosis and has had two surgical procedures to remove the endos, so I am a first person witness to the way that these conditions actually take over your life, day in and day out. You should not feel guilty about missing mass when you can barely function to take care of yourself and your family. Our Lord will be so happy to see you at mass, healthy and in no pain! Please concentrate on getting well , that’s what is important.:wink:

I encourage you to ask you priest to anoint you(Sacrament of the sick) before your surgery. I hope all goes very well for you,. Praying for you.

Your medical condition prevented you from attending Mass, not a sin, but if you still feel weird about it, ask the priest at your next confession. Sometimes, the priest will do Anointing of the Sick at the weekday Mass, call the office and see if you can set it up or if the priest can come to your home. It is kind of a priority and someone will probably come out. Get better soon! :console:

If your hospital has a Catholic Chaplin request to see him for confession and anointing. I don’t think you sinned at all, but I d think that your husband could have done better unless he is sick or disabled. Praying for you.

I don’t think that you sinned by missing Mass because of illness/exhaustion. I second the others suggesting that you ask for the Anointing of the Sick.

It’s not really necessary to judge my husband in this. I asked if I sinned not him. My husband isn’t even Catholic and he did attend his Protestant church so he did not have a fault in this at all. He also offered to drive me to mass, but I was just too exhausted. He helps with the housework a lot already, walks the dogs and even cooks dinner when I cant.

Thanks to all for your consoling replies. :slight_smile: I’ve been anointed so many times I am embarrassed to ask again.

***Don’t miss out on this great sacrament because you’re embarrassed; I wouldn’t have surgery without being anointed. I’ve had surgery twice, and the first time was an emergency; I made them hold surgery until they could get a priest (the hospital had a real difficult time getting a priest). It was a secular hospital, and when I told the surgeon he’d have to wait until I received the sacraments, he said, “I understand, religion comes first.”

Just stop in at any rectory, or give your priest a call - ask and you shall receive.

God bless you, you are in my prayers.

P.S.: I’m sure your priest would tell you that you did not commit a mortal sin.***

Heck, you could also ask the priest if he can hear your confession before you get anointed

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