Was this a sign?


Hi everyone,

There’s something I’ve been wondering about for a little while. I was priviliged enough to convert to Catholicism a few years ago. I remember I had been reading, and thinking, about it for quite a while when one night I felt I was ready to commit to the decision to join the Church. I knelt by my bed and prayed… I can’t remember exactly what I said but it was telling God about my decision.

Then I got into bed and a couple of minutes later I heard little noises coming from outside, so I went over and peeped through my curtains and I could see fireworks in the sky. By the way, it was nowhere near New Year, or Nov 5 (which is when we have fireworks in the UK) so it was very unusual to have anyone doing them, especially where I live which is really rural… and I remember I just felt SO happy:), because it made me think straight away about that parable of the Prodigal Son’s return and how when one lost sheep comes back, there’s so much rejoicing in Heaven! I felt it was God’s little way of welcoming me… telling me He was so glad I’d come home!

Partly I’m just writing to share this as it was a beautiful moment for me; but partly, I wanted to ask whether it seems almost ‘childish’…or even wrong… to interpret it in this way? I know there would have been some more prosaic reason behind the fireworks as well, but is it ok for me to think that they were also a little ‘gift’ from God… it certainly did strengthen my decision that much more, and make me feel loved and special… so whatever the actual significance, it was good for me :). Any thoughts on this type of thing? Thanks… sorry if this is a bit on the long side.


No I think it’s perfectly reasonable and one of the many little private things you notice when you have faith-- like a dialogue between you and the almighty. :thumbsup:


Whenever I see a rainbow I feel as if God is saying, everything will work out well, somehow, and I feel a joy.

I think that God sometimes allows us to see Him, see His love, in quite natural things, and yes, ‘like a dialogue between you and the almighty’.


That’s lovely Trishie, thank you for sharing this with me.


I often get the same feeling. I know I don’t deserve any special treatment but at times, I wonder if maybe the Almighty is really looking ou for me.

I truly believe He is, but it makes me question why am I so special as to deverve this type attention. My biggest was the year we got married, 1974. It had rained (seemlingly for months) on every weekend before and every weekend after, but on our wedding day it was sunny and bright.

I was totally flabergasted not just because it was our wedding day, but by the great weather. Sure I prayed for a sunny day, but having the only sunny weekend of the whole summer/spring. That made it extra special.

Yes, I’ve gotten soaked on many an occasion but on the most important day of my life. It was all sunshine. Yes, it could have merely been a coincidence, but you’ll never convince me of that.


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