Was this a sin?

Even though I am an adult (23-years-old), I still live in the family house. I grew up in a University town (Gainesville, FL—University of Florida), so I lived at home while going to school. This past December (2008), I finished Bachelor’s degree and, for now, am in transition (hopefully, that will end because, in 09/2010, I will enter the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land as a Candidate and move up to Washington, DC). It’s weird because he doesn’t actually live in the house, but at grandparent’s (his parent’s) house a few miles away. They passed away recently so he takes care of their old house (can’t leave a house abandoned) and I deal with the ‘family house’ (which is only a few blocks away from the UF campus where I was a student). Obviously, he stops in to check on everything (it’s still his house and my younger sister who is 18 lives here as well).

Anyway, my dad is a bit of a health nut (he’s had some health scares) and I am not (I am one of those type who almost takes the stance of I’ll worry about those issues when they happen). So, he is not thrilled when I eat the junk food, especially when money is tight for all of us, but I guess I see it as my bit of enjoyment or something. Anyway, to avoid argument/discussion (you know how it is, even though I’m an adult, I’ll always be my father’s son and he worries for my health and perhaps some money wastage), is it lying to throw stuff away in such a manner so that it is not right in his face/so it’s kind of covered up kind of thing (i.e. it was like I had some doughnuts earlier and when I threw the box away, I took it out to the outside garbage can and, after the box was in, threw in a bag of garbage from the kitchen, which was pretty full anyway, so it wasn’t like it wouldn’t have needed be done, but perhaps not right then, so it was on top of the box). Is that lying/deception or am I just being Scrupulous?

EDIT: Besides the health issue, there is possibly a bit of a money issue. As I said, I am in transition (no work, am not entering the Franciscans until next year…earliest I can because of how their stuff works), but I offered a trade-off with my father which he accepted. Basically, I inherited land from my maternal grandmother (my mother passed away when I was 12, my maternal grandmother passed away a few years ago) and I have offered to sign the land over to him so he will get the proceeds when it sells at some point in the future (not sure when).

I really don’t see a sin here. It’s not like you’re hiding anything from God. And, as an adult, you have a lot choice in what you eat. But, if you’re depending on him paying for all of it, maybe you should rethink your eating habits. When you enter the order, you won’t have as much to say about what you eat. So, maybe you could use this time to look into what is eaten there and try to start eating that sort of food. You don’t have to give up all your “treats” right now, but start making the change over so that it isn’t quite the shock it would otherwise be.

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