Was this a sin?

I posted “Chick tracts are about as believable as the Book of Mormon”. Was this a sin since many people think the Book of Mormon is holy?

Mortal sin?

No sin whatsoever. Contrary to what many want us to think, not being politically correct is not a sin.

It may not be a sin, but you might have picked a less inflammatory example. It sounds like you’re trying to bait both fans of Jack Chick and LDS folks.

There were no Mormons on the board that I’m aware of. I was trying to get through to an anti-Catholic.

Thanks for the response!

It was still an inflammatory statement, whether Mormons read it or not. Again, I don’t know if it was sinful, but I think you could have picked a better comparison, like a work that is clearly fiction like… Superman or Star Wars or something that is clearly not held up as a work of truth like the Book of Mormon is. (Whether it actually is true or not is not the issue.)

I know I shouldn’t have said it, but I wasn’t thinking about it when I posted it. I already asked for it to be deleted from the thread.

Comparing to something clearly fictional would have been even more insulting and inflammatory to the person with whom MyPseudonym was having the discussion. I see nothing wrong with what MyPseudonym said.

The Book of Mormon is a work of fiction. Nothing Holy about it.

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