Was this a sin?


I was going through photos of this catholic page (made by a female who also posts personal pictures) on instagram, while doing so I thought of the possibility of their being pictures that would tempt me to impurity, but then I thought to myself “I doubt that”, and then I kept scrolling, did I sin by possibly avoiding what could lead me to sin? Or am I being scrupulous?


I think you’re just being scrupulous. I doubt they could lead to impurity unless they were partially, or totally, nude pictures.


You are being scrupulous.

Satan puts lots of temptations in our minds. That’s not sin, indulging the temptation is.

The fact that you continued looking would only have been sinful if the reason you did it was to lust over it


I agree wholeheartedly with the other posters. Just remember that feeling attracted to a member of the other gender is not a sin either. That’s a perfectly natural and normal feeling. Impurity is a different thing!




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