Was this an acceptable reason to miss Mass?


I’m hoping you can provide me some guidance on when it’s acceptable to miss mass.

Last month, I had a sick child with a fever that extended from the first mass on Saturday and through all the Sunday masses. I’m pretty sure this was ok to stay home with her.

The following weekend, I was sick and had a fever. I did not go to mass. I thought I read something in the church bulletin about staying home if you’re sick and not spreading the germs.

I’m thinking I do not need to mention the above in confession. Is that correct?

Here’s the one I’m not so sure about. We had a blizzard this past weekend. My husband is a police officer, and unfortunately, does not share my desire to be at mass EVERY weekend. Anyhow, he was working Saturday night and told me the roads were hazardous and that I shouldn’t take the kids out to go to mass. I didn’t. Sunday comes around. Being that he works late, he sleeps in. Sunday morning for the first few masses, the roads were still yucky and the temps below 0. I didn’t think it was wise to take a 3 year old and 20 month old out. During the last mass time on Sunday, I had planned to have company (family) coming over to work on a project. The weather was improving. I could have left them at my house while the kids and I went to church, although they may not have liked it. I didn’t make it to mass the whole weekend. Was I obligated to cancel my plans and go to mass? Do I need to go to confession before I receive communion again? It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go to mass; although I guess I did choose family over God. I would have went Sat night or early Sun if I would have been able to.

Please help. I’m so confused.



I don’t think you’re confused. You’re right on. Your judgment was sound all the way up to Sunday night when you crashed and burned. Your going to Mass would have been a good witness to the rest of the family. Mass is indeed infinitely more important than a Sunday night project. Yes, I do think you need to go to Confession.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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