Was this comment by Duck Dynasty star "anti gay"?


The headline read “anti gay remark” but then if you read closer he says he loves all people and doesn’t judge them. I am not saying it is or is not anti anything but was wondering your thoughts?

Just sounds like a guy who feels that homosexual sex, adultery, etc., are wrong and sinful. Doesn’t mean he hates gay people.

Shouldn’t we all hate the sin, love the sinner?

I used this site.


I dont think it was anti gay. He does sound ignorant for a while towards the end but not anti gay. What i find more interesting is the comment by the GLAAD spokesman about how the statement “flies in the face of what true christians believe.” I find that worrying that Mr. Cruz thinks that Christians shouldnt believe that homosexuality is a sin.

It’s an anti gay remark whenever the media says it is. They don’t want anybody “legislating morality” and this is nothing new. "Who are you to judge me? ETC.

There is such a deep divide in this country that it is difficult to have a civil conversation about anything pertaining to morality/natural law. :o

“They’ll know we are Christians by our love” is a good way to live.

I don’t think Phil singled out any one particular group. We’re all sinners.

The priests at my Basilica have noticeably vocalized that "we ALL need confession. There are plenty of people that don’t realize their sinfulness (our willful separation from God’s graces). It sure isn’t limited to active homosexuals. There are plenty of heterosexual men and women that are sleeping around with members of the opposite sex who are not their spouses.

Each person has to make a really good examination of conscience, and go from there. :slight_smile:

I read it on two new sources. I couldn’t find anything anti-gay in any of his quoted remarks. :shrug:

Much ado about nothin’.

Lots of folks feel persecuted these days.

Fr. Larry says the theme in Hell is “I Did It my Way.”


There’s nothing offensive about linking homosexuality and bestiality.

Is there?

What he said is totally christian. He did not say anything anti-gay in any way. I’m sure all the liberals are whining that he hates gays, and will make a stink about it. I applaud what Phil has said, and more movie stars should take this stance. I like this show, because they have said “no God, no show”. They are good christians and set an excellent example for society.

The spokesperson for GLAAD has said the majority of louisianans support same sex “marriage”, when recent polls show the majority of Louisianans don’t want it.

Thank you Phil Robertson for standing up for righteousness, and I will stand by you and support you in whatever way I can.
God Bless

My point was, and is, that you can speak about the sinfulness of homosexuality without linking homosexuality with bestiality. Who wouldn’t find that offensive? We all have our sinful natures. No one is called to Christ by being insulted.

That wasn’t what I got out of his quote at all. He said that sexual morality is decaying and talked about how homosexuality, bestiality and adultery were examples of this.

Did you read the whole sentence? He didn’t link them. He said that both were forms of immoral activity - which is nothing more than a statement of fact. He also mentioned heterosexual promiscuity in the same sentence.

I’m sure Phil could say the same thing to his detractors.

Assuming he did, I would like to hear what is a homosexual organization’s official response to why that would be offensive. Do they believe bestiality is immoral? And if so, on what grounds? I am curious as to what is their answer.


It is if you are one of the easily and perpetually offended minorities.

The only way they were linked was in response to what Phil considered to be sinful.

I too consider both bestiality and homosexual sex to be sinful. Pope Francis would as well.

How is that insulting exactly?

Heck, he also mentioned heterosexual sex in the same list, should I feel insulted over that, being a heterosexual??

And remember one of the acts of mercy is to admonish the sinner, since we are all sinners, obviously it becomes the pot calling the kettle kind of a thing.

In both cases though no one is judging anyone. Phil was giving his judgement of homosexuality, bestiality and promiscuosity, not judging homosexuals, beastophiles or the promiscuous. The GLAAD spokesman was also not judging Phil but was judging his words from what I read.

Didn’t those same people who say “who are you to judge me” judge him?

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