Was this detraction Calumny or neither

I was talking to someone about The Holy Father the other day and I mentioned what I read or thought I read that the pope said atheist could go to heaven. Turns out he didn’t say that but that they were redeemed I read an article explaining the difference. Was what I said detraction ( I made not have been positive in how I said it) Or Calumny. I am sorry for it. If it was detraction then I can consider it confessed because I confessed Detraction too many times to count ( sin I am working on ) that week at confession. But I have never confessed Calumny. Please help. I am trying to make tomorrow a great holy confession to start following Jesus this year. I also don’t want to forget anything and have it pop back up . That happened to me this week and I have been miserable. Also one last thing I used to be a very mean heartted person and only cared for myself. I have been catholic for less then a year and I can’t remember what all I confessed at my first confession can I consider all the sins from my past forgiven even if I cant remember confessing them at my first confession which was the Sunday Before Lent started 2013 (Almost a year ago) . I need reassurance and peace. Thank you

I feel your post may be showing a tendency towards the scrupulous, a tendency that should be avoided. I do not believe you have sinned at all in this conversation, but only you can decide that.
All your sins have been forgiven even if you have forgotten the details of your first confession.

Confession is not a rigid viva voce exam. It is a return of a penitent son to a loving Father.

You should, in making good preparation, consider any serious sin and specifically confess these, but there is no need to remember every venial sin. (I would be in there for a week).
The Cure D’Ares once described such a confession by nuns as being pecked to death by a pack of sparrows.
You appear to have great devotion, and your aspirations are an example to us all. God bless.


I agree with the above poster; your concern seems a little scrupulous and I don’t think you should worry at all! To me, it seems like you were just expressing concern, rather than trying to hurt the Holy Father. That is what these sins deal with.

It may help if you understand what detraction and calumny are. Detraction is telling another’s fault, or something derogatory they have done in order to hurt them. Calumny is telling lies and falsehoods about another person in order to damage their reputation. While detraction involves the telling of true things and calumny involves lies, both are sinful acts in that they attempt to harm another person.

It does not seem to me like you did this at all. Unless you were intentionally trying to disparage or hurt the Holy Father in saying what you did, you haven’t committed these sins. If you are concerned, simply go to Father in Confession and explain to him your troubles. Jesus said to St. Faustina, “Know when you go to Confession, it is I myself who am there waiting for you.” Try to remember this when you make your preparation for Confession, and don’t be afraid! Just like the father of the Prodigal Son, Jesus is waiting for us to return; He is ready to forgive us if we are sorry!

And don’t worry about sins you have forgotten. If you have not deliberately concealed them, they are forgiven, whether you said them to Father or not. When you remember them, just go to Father and tell him about it, that you forgot it in your last good Confession. This is not because it wasn’t forgiven, but so Father can give you advice to help you with that sin. Don’t worry about forgetting; as long as you intended to confess everything, everything is forgiven!

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