Was this Jesus?


So, I had a very strange dream last night, the past few weeks, I have been praying a bit more, as I have always struggled to feel God, whatever I do, it just seems I never feel anything, noticed some others on here have the same problem, but anyway, my dream was fairly odd, it dealt with me being involved with solving a decades old murder, very strange, as Ive never been interested in doing this.

as my dream was going along, I was looking around a building where someone was killed, looking for clues I guess, just then, what seemed imo, to be Jesus himself, face, hair, beard, bright white long sleeve robe (full length to his feet), he had on some type of absolutely brilliant blue outer robe too(sleeveless),but still full length he came down from the sky and came right to me, cupped my face in his hands and told me “the time is getting close, you MUST quit playing games”, as soon as he said this, he left in the same way he came, the dream went on like normal after that, and I was back to figuring out who killed this person.

Even though this was a dream, I can still remember feeling the very strong love he had for me, how intense this was for me. After he left, answered “Yes Lord”.

I woke up feeling very strange, usually I wake up with aches and pains and miserable for about the first hour until I fully wake up, but today it was different, I was up right away, no pains, and my mind was racing with this image of him cupping my face in his hands.

It was very strange how Jesus sort of just came and went into my dream, said what he needed to say and left, then it picked up where it left off, Im trying to figure out what could possibly be meant by quit playing games? I dont think I am doing this in regards to my faith…??


It might be many things. But dreams that are true you generally know that without needing to think and wonder. It could be for you specifically, or, since you have published it now ;), it could be directed at another through you. There are many possibilities and everyone needs to do better.


FAST, Fast, my friend and enjoy being carried . : )



Thanks for sharing your dream.

What jumped out at me was your first sentence, about not feeling God no matter how much you pray.

Please remember that it is not about “feelings”… When you need them He will give them to you, let Him decide.

The Doctors of the Church on prayer remind us that when the Lord wants to aid us in growing closer to Him, he temporarily withdraws his consolations so that we can grow spiritual muscle. Faith without feelings!

His blessings to you! (and may His Holy Blessed Mother intercede for you.)




This may not be the case here, but I would never take direction from dreams that are counter to the moral law. Those certainly wouldn’t be from Jesus.


Dreams are produced from the content of our subconscious mind, with some day residue mixed in, of course. Maybe you, yourself, feel you aren’t as committed to Christ as you should be. (I’m not making any judgments, just an observation.) Maybe that’s why your “dream Christ” told you to stop playing games. Maybe you feel you should focus more on him and less on other things or people (Leroy Jenkins comes to mind.)

I don’t know, of course, and the above is just my opinion, and in no way is it a judgment about you. Please don’t take it as such.


That was one thought I had actually, ‘playing games’ I guess could be associated with watching Jenkins and other such shows and letting myself start to believe in those type of things rather than the real truth…thanks.


I can’t speak to all televangelists, of course, but Leroy Jenkins is in this to make money, not to serve the Lord. People like Mother Teresa served the Lord and didn’t need any fanfare. The free “blessed water” is just to pull you in to Jenkins’ schemes and collect information on you. Jenkins claims, or at least used to claim, that he “healed” people “in the name of the Lord.” No he didn’t. It’s like Oral Roberts and his “seed money.” Just send a little and watch the miracles in your life grow, he’d say. The “miracle” in his life grew into millions and millions of dollars sent in by people who were used and duped.

I mean no disrespect to you, I’d just hate to see you get involved in the televangelists’ world. It’s not a good place.


No disrespect at all, I know what you are saying, and I do watch entirely too much TCT, WHT, etc.


I can understand why you watch them, especially when you are alone, if you are. When I’m home alone, I often turn the TV on, but I can’t find much to watch, so I’ve started listening to music instead.

Televangelists just aren’t a good idea.


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