Was this person Hindu?

A lady I worked with at one time was from India, and she said she could not eat meat on Tuesdays or Fridays, because of her religion. I never felt comfortable enough to ask her religion. Does anyone know in which religion this may be a practice?

Just curious…

Thanks and God bless!

I dont think they she was a Hindu…last time I checked they were vergetarian…no meat at all.

I could be wrong though so please correct me if I am:)

maybe, maybe not. Hindus are not all vegetarians. I have many friends that are Hindu and are not vegetarian. However, a large number do avoid beef, due to their reverence of the cow. Some are also vegans or vegetarians. However you do not have to be a vegetarian to be Hindu. Also, I’ve never really heard of Hindus saying they can’t eat meat on certain days, though it could be related to a holiday. Again, she could still be a HIndu, but you don’t have to follow such practices to be a Hindu. Remember, Hinduism is more appropriately a group of related religions and practices.

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