Was this putting myself in near occassion of sin?

Wandering around on youtube I found a video called “If yougurt was advertised like beer”. In the thumbnail (the picture next to the name of the video), there was a woman wipping youghurt out of her mouth in a provocative way. I watched the video anyway knowing that that was going to take place on the video. It did happen but I didn’t conscent lust. Was it a sin of putting myself in near occassion of sin? Was it a mortal sin, venial sin or not a sin at all?

Clicking on a “sexy” link probably constitutes a near occasion, but the fact that it is a satirical video and did not incite any lustful feelings anyway means you’re without any real issues here. No sin, neither venial (and certainly not) mortal.

That said, a near-occasion of sin isn’t a sin itself, just something you’d do best to avoid.

Try your best not to be too scrupulous about it though, people can drive themselves crazy over these sorts of things.


I did get a little aroused but I didn’t conscent it nor I had any conscented weird thoughts. A priest once told me “it’s not the same to feel than to conscent”.


If your intention was to watch the video to arouse yourself, then that is a mortal sin. Or if you watched knowing it probably would arouse you that is a mortal sin. It doesn’t sound like that was your intention so it was probably just a venial sin.

Really? I can’t remember my intentions now, that’s how scruples work, but I though somethinf may happen, I don’t think I did it with that purpose but I knew something might happen.

If you are scrupulous you would know for sure that was your intention. Unless this was a frequent habit you would not forget the intention. Was the reaction (I.e. Arousal) you were expecting mortal?

a better idea is to stop surfing, and find something constructive to do with your time.

I’m a teen on holidays :D, down here in Argentina it’s summer and I have a lot of free time now.

When I got to that part of the video I think I looked away.

idol hands…:shrug:

Exactly. Curiosity killed the cat, and it can also kill your soul. If you don’t need to be online, then you probably ought to go hang out with friends, sip a matte, make a visit to the Blessed Sacrament, help your parents and siblings, play a little futbol, get some helado, visit a museum or park, read a good book, go to a Rivas or Boca match.

All of those would be way better than watching garbage videos and then getting scrupulous about it.

River’s* :smiley: And I prefer Tigre, not a big fan of football though. And I would gladly hang out with friends but a lot of them had to go to summer school because they failed a couple of subject :smiley: and we couldn’t hang out because they needed to study. Luckily me and a three or four didn’t. So, was it a sin or not? Let’s not change the subject.

So there is people saying it was a sin and people saying I shouldn’t worry about it. IDK what to believe :confused:

if i have fantasies, are they sinful?

If you have sexual fantasies and you entertain yourself thinking about them to get aroused and whatever you may do else, I would say they surely are.

that’s what i was afraid of. what if i fight them off, and we battle back and forth, sometimes they get the better of me, and sometimes i get the better of them?


If you let them in and willingfuly conscent, entertain them, it is a sin. But remember if you don’t want them to get in, you will be surely come out without sinning. It doesn’t matter if they keep popping up, just don’t be like “hey stay”. As long as you don’t consciously let them stay, it’s OK. They easiest thing to do is to relax (VERY important, if you are tense the brain auto-generates them), think of something else and you could kneel down and pray a Hail Mary.

EDIT: It’s very important to kneel down, you must get out of the confort of the place/position you are on.

thanks t!:wink:

You’re welcome Bisco. What should I do about this? Should I let Liguori decide and say it is not?

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