Was this sinful?


Several things:

My family has been going through some financial troubles recently. We luckily got some money to help us, but a few days ago we were worried about what we would do.

At the beginning of November we had appealed to our local parish for financial help, which they provided from some sort of fund. But to help mitigate this current crisis my dad had asked me to contact the parish again asking for help. I didn’t want to, considering that we received help from them just recently and also because I realize that parishes simply cannot hand-out money all over the place; they have tight budgets and cannot offer these kind of handouts regularly.

My dad called recently and asked me on the phone if I would ask for him, to which I said “okay”, even though I didn’t want to and (possibly) had no intention of doing so in the first place.

Was this a mortal sin, considering that I may have had no intention of doing what I had said “okay” to? I later thought about doing it, only to say “no, I don’t think I will” later on.

Pax Tecum.


A mortal sin? Mortal sin is a serious violation of God’s law. How, praytell, have you committed a serious sin in this instance? You were insincere in your pledge to help, so it’s possibly a venial sin, yes. But a mortal sin? C’mon. Also, you do have the right to reconsider a promise given e.g. people do change their minds about things upon further reflection. Are you really sure it’s a sin at all?

Edit: Just call him back and set the record straight on your intentions. Tell him you don’t want to call the parish because you, yourself, just received financial aid and you don’t want to further impose upon their shoe-string budget. Ask him to call for himself.


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I’d say that what you did basically falls into the category of a promise given under duress. The request was unreasonable, and you were pressured to give an insincere answer. So no, no sin, IMO.

But: now your father will be asking you how it went. You’ll either have to come clean, or lie.

Come clean: tell you dad that you simply couldn’t bring yourself to ask, tell him you won’t be asking in the future. If there are other ways you could be of assistence, offer to do so.


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This makes sense.

Thank you for your help! I should still confess this though, just to be safe :slight_smile:


If you want to feel like a million dollars, get yourself a job delivering papers at dawn or whatever, and hand your earnings to your father. Not doing so will eat at you later on, sin or no sin.


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