Was this sinful

I have been struggling hard against being scrupulous this week ever since I forget a couple instances of detraction. Please tell me if these 2 incedents constitute detraction or any sin for that matter. I am going to talk to the priest in confession tomorrow about being scrupulous.
1st situation: My mom asked me if a friend of mine had a job and I said he did but the job didn’t have enough hours for all the people and he was effectively layed off…

2nd situation A friend of mine was asking if a certain person we knew was at mass after mass becuase we were both there but didn’t see this person ( this church has 7 seprerate masses each weekend) this person told my friend he always came to this mass. I said I have seen him here before but maybe he only comes when you don’t … that was said jokingly but i still feel sort of bad now.

Please help me .
Thank you and may God Bless you

I would say number one would fall under not always being totally honest & two being kind of cute in a devious way.

Are they Mortal sins
How is the first one not being honest. The reason the person was laid off is the job didn’t have enough hours to go around

My main question is are these sins detraction I am worried that they are. I wish people would respond to this I am planning on talking to the priest in confession on Saturday but I would appreciate some reassurance or help from friends on the boards. Thanks :slight_smile:

OOPS ! I have two accounts on here sorry and I posted on the wrong one:o:o

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