Was this the unforgiveable sin or scrupulosity?

My question is two fold, and somewhat spurned by my own scrupulous nature, which I try to fight daily, but sometimes seem to fall short.

So yesterday I was driving to visit my girlfriend, and I was reflecting on a conversation I had with a Baptist friend about Lebron James and the Illuminati. Without thinking, or barely thinking, I flashed one of the hand symbols Lebron made, thinking it looked cool. I then realized that this symbol was representative of the Illuminati (whether or not it truly exists), and because of this, was somewhat Satanic. With that, I realized I committed blasphemy, but because I tend to worry a lot, I became concerned that I committed Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit. Is this the case? I consulted the catechism and I do not think it is. I think I am worrying too much. I think I just committed blasphemy, and I went to confession today about it, and my priest agreed with my assessment, and I received the forgiveness of Christ, but I still cannot seem to shake the grief that is coming from making this hand gesture, and I still cannot shake the feeling that I committed Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

In writing this, I am realizing how fecitious I may sound; I just really hate hurting the Lord. Albeit, I feel as if I am hurting myself with my over dwelling more than I am hurting God, which in part brings me to the next leg of my question. What tactics are there for a person trying to walk with Christ to combat an over scrupulous nature?

I await your response eagerly!

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