Was this wanting to get into a near occasion of sin?


Today a friend invited me to another friend’s house because they wanted to get together and drink something (yes, alcohol). I have never ever drunk alcohol (except for some exceptions where I tried just a little or just one glass). I said I would go but I would not get drunk and that I may just drink a little. Was that wanting to put myself near occasion of sin? I was gonna pray before going but it was canceled. And yes, those meetings are kind of “come and get drunk” things. I wanted to go because summer has just arrived here and most of my friends have to go to summer school because they failed certain subjects, I didn’t so we hadn’t got together in a long time because they have to study and I feel lonely sometimes. Was it a mortal sin, venial sin or not a sin at all?


I would not call that wanting to put yourself in a occasion of sin. By that logic, I put myself in the occasion of sin every time I go to the gym because there are hot women in skimpy gym clothes there and I might lust after them. There is no sin and looking at them though and I know when enough is enough. I wont cross a line. It seems to me that you do not have a drinking problem and your intent is to only have one drink. Now, if you know there is a great possibility that you wont be able to stop after a drink or two and you go, that is putting yourself in a occasion of sin. Unless you are worried that you will give in to peer pressure and get drunk I would not worry about it. At the same time, this get together may not be as fun as you think when you are the only sober one and everyone else is drunk and acting a fool.


What you say about the gym is so true, I may have wondered about that in the future (I’m very scrupulous), so double thanks :thumbsup:
I have another question that just came to my mind. Where I live (Argentina), there is always a trip offered from the school for the ones that finish school (you call them seniors, right?), on that trip they go skiing and stuff but they go and party every or almost every night and I’ve heard that there is a lot of impurity and fornication going on. However, it’s a once in a lifetime chance and it’s an old tradition, almost every argentinean under 50 years old (I’m sure the tradition is older though, it was not that dirty back then I imagine) has gone to their senior trip I have two years to go, would it be a sin to go?


You need to talk to a priest about that. Also about your being scrupulous. I know because I am scrupulous too.


I talked today. He told me he talked with teens from the school (I go to Mass to a school parish) and he said that not all of them do that stuff and if I can control myself then I would be fine but if I feel I’m not gonna have a good time I shouldn’t go.


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