Was Tyndale considered an Heretic? Because he Translated the Bible into English or another reason?

Was Tyndale considered a heretic because he translated the Bible into English?

Apparently not…as you pointed out here:

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Bearing false witness was one Tyndale’s specialties…


"(1) St. Thomas More commented that searching for errors in the Tyndale Bible was similar to searching for water in the sea. Tyndale translated the term baptism into “washing;” Scripture into “writing;” Holy Ghost into “Holy Wind,” Bishop into “Overseer,” Priest into “Elder,” Deacon into “Minister;” heresy into “choice;” martyr into “witness;” evangelist into “bearer of good news;” etc., etc. Many of his footnotes were vicious. For instance, Tyndale referred to the occupant of the Chair of Peter, as “that great idol, the whore of Babylon, the anti-Christ of Rome.”

Even King Henry VIII in 1531 condemned the Tyndale Bible as a corruption of Scripture. In the words of King Henry’s advisors: “the translation of the Scripture corrupted by William Tyndale should be utterly expelled, rejected, and put away out of the hands of the people, and not be suffered to go abroad among his subjects.” (2) Protestant Bishop Tunstall of London declared that there were upwards of 2,000 errors in Tyndale’s Bible."

(1)The Jerome Biblical Commentary © 1968 Vol. II, pp. 586-588

(2) Where We Got The Bible © 1977 p. 128-130.

Not quite.


Tyndale was a bad translator.
But he wasn’t executed for that. He was executed for treason against the English crown.

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