Was Wycliffe a heretic?

I am well aware that John Wycliffe’s teachings were condemned by the church but is he considered to have died as a heretic?

While he held clearly erroneous positions on the Eucharist, had teachings that bordered on sola scriptura, and had several positions condemned by Papal Bulls he was never excommunicated from the Church during his life. In fact, he suffered his fatal stroke while celebrating Mass.

However, after his death the Council of Constance declared him a heretic and ordered his body to be removed from consecrated ground.

Council of Constance:

This holy synod, therefore, at the instance of the procurator-fiscal and since a decree was issued to the effect that sentence should be heard on this day, declares, defines and decrees that the said John Wyclif was a notorious and obstinate heretic who died in heresy, and it anathematises him and condemns his memory. It decrees and orders that his body and bones are to be exhumed, if they can be identified among the corpses of the faithful, and to be scattered far from a burial place of the church, in accordance with canonical and lawful sanctions.

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