Wash DC organization looking for people to join their 100 days of 100 rosaries as Obama becomes President

catholic.org/national/national_story.php?id=31635 Read how this group wishes to achieve the following goals by praying in Lexington Park across from the White House during this time.

They are praying for:*We are specifically invoking Our Lady of Guadalupe, because of her role in ending human sacrifice, with these intentions:

  1. That God would give President Obama the grace of conversion concerning the inalienable right to life of unborn babies; specifically, that he will see, embrace, and defend the unborn child’s God given right to life, and will use the office of President to restore the full protection of law to the unborn from conception till birth;

  2. That God would thwart the evil acts promised by Obama during the election concerning the unborn. (I.e., signing the Freedom of Choice Act, undoing certain past pro-life executive orders);

  3. That God would grant great courage to our Priests, Bishops, and all Christian leaders to publicly resist Obama’s stated agenda, and defend the right to life of the unborn;

  4. That God would inspire (where needed) righteous men and women to run for political office in 2010 against pro-abortion politicians from both parties; bold candidates who will defend and protect the right to life of children in legislation;

  5. That God would call thousands of new, prayerful, and peaceful (yet bold!) “warriors” into this life and death struggle.

*God bless them in their efforts.

I read the article-good for the organizers to do this!

I can’t go to Washington-no job right now, and very little money-but I’ve been offering my daily Rosary “for our new President and his family…and for his conversion”.

Our Lady Immaculate, our nation’s Patroness, PLEASE help us!
Convert Obama’s heart!

sounds good to me

I think we can link our prayers at home easily to the faithful in Wash.DC. God hears and listens to all of them. Thank you God.

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