‘Wash Every Pro-Life…*** In The Ocean!”: Actress Cheers On ‘Isaac’

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Actress Ellen Barkin waded into political waters Monday after she re-posted a message on Twitter calling for Tropical Storm Isaac to “wash every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB right into the ocean”.

Barkin recently targeted the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints after one of its Salt Lake City, Utah, affiliates opted not to air “The New Normal” for its storyline of two gay men using a surrogate mom to have a baby.

The 58-year-old actress called the station’s decision “blatantly homophobic” and even appealed to Lady Gaga fans — known as “Li’l Monsters” – to “clog up” their Twitter account.


I know it hardly matters what this Hollywood actress thinks, but I posted this because I heard about this from a friend, and was appalled when I looked it up online and found that it wasn’t reported by any of the national news outlets. Barkin’s new Fall tv show is being hyped up plenty, but you don’t so much as hear a peep when she posts something blatantly hateful since its directed at conservatives.

Almost 60 and she acts like a 12 year old. :rolleyes:

Yeah, it’s sad, but really I’m just frustrated that the news media enables this behavior by turning a blind eye. She and her new costars have been doing the rounds on talk shows and getting coverage in news magazines for their new Fall show, so it’s not like she’s some irrelevant has-been. And you know if she said the same kinds of comments about liberals, they wouldn’t stop talking about her comments.

i heard about ellen barkin’s remarks yesterday. so much hatred! i agree with you.
why does she get a pass. i also heard that samuel jackson tweeted that he was angry at God or something like that because Tampa was spared and so were the republicans at the convention. he later apologized to Tampa, but what childish behavior from both of them. if a republican had made similar statements about democrats or their convention, it would have been all over the news.
from her comments, she sounds like a deeply disturbed woman. very angry.

I will never look upon this washed-up (speaking of being washed out or up) actress again. Totally classless, and quite typical of Hollywood liberals.


You’re one up on me to be able to use “again.” I don’t even know who she is to start with.

Same day Samuel Jackson tweeted

Unfair s—: GOP spared by Isaac! NOLA prolly f—– again! Not understanding God’s plan

Later he tweeted an apology

Apologies to God, Tampa, da GOP& Isaac(sp)! Who played the Race card?!

Horrible. Absolutely horrible.
I’ll bet Obama will not come out and condemn this supporter of his either.
Oh, they’ll make that Akin guy out to be the devil for his one stupid statement. But this kind of stuff they are perfectly okay with.

Sick, sick, sick! “Who played the race card” indeed. Another name on the list of “will never watch anything he’s made or ever will make.”

Here you go, she’s from the Bronx. She’s coarse and untalented.

Ellen Barkin

Not to imply that everyone from the Bronx is coarse and untalented…you understand.

From The Bronx? Say no more, say no more.

Yes, my alma mater, Fordham University is in The Bronx, and I can agree with your latter statement, but as a generality…

She clearly flunked geography, the hurricane isn’t hitting Salt Lake, lol.

And the GOM isn’t the ocean, either.

Who is Ellen Barkin and why should anyone care what she says?

I would like to know the sponsors of this show, so I can inform them that I will not be buying their products. With enough emails to sponsors Ms Barkin will have plenty of time to frolic in the Gulf of Mexico with all her friends. I suspect that companys wanting to sponsor her show sell stuff I already don’t use, but I would not want to unknowingly support her program.

This will be the first time I ever use my DVR to skip through the program to see the ads. I use the DVR to skip ads so much that I had to get a replacement remote control because I wore out the 30 second skip button.

The program previews have been absolutely disgusting. And now that I know who she is I can watch for the sponsors and let them know how stupid they are for buying ad time on the show.

You’ve got me. I didn’t know who she was either until Juliane told me that Barkin was from The Bronx. So who cares what some jerk from The Bronx says?

That we are getting a number of posts about her indicates that she apparently means something to those posters of ours. :shrug:

I think more people need to call out libs on their blatant hate speech. They’re so quick to jump on the most innocuous statements from conservatives as hate speech; they need to be bombarded with a bit of their own medicine, especially considering how much clear cut, overt hate speech comes from the left.

Easier said than done. To whom would you complain? The TV or radio station?

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