Washing Machine - How long does yours take?

How long does your washing machine take to do a normal load of regular clothing? We just got a new one that takes a lot longer than our old one did (both top loaders). With a newborn in the house and several little kiddos we have to wash a few things more frequently, and this longer washing time is cutting in to my timing for washing clothes. I don’t know if my older one was just not that good maybe (stains were hard to take out, I don’t know if it was affected by the length of time in the washer) and the new one is just normal (newer is about 1 hr for a normal load vs 25 min). If I use fabric softener I need to pick extra spins and that cycle can take over 1.5 hrs.

…theres a button on mine that says ‘quick wash’, or, sometimes clothes just need a rinse with water and no soap, so just put them in and bypass the washing bit. Or you can soak loads of clothes in a bath for a few hours or less with soap and then just stick them in the machine to rinse…

In my experience, it varies a lot on brand, and it seems some of the energy efficient models take longer. At home, a wash takes 50 minutes tops. The one where I’m living now takes almost 3 hours on the standard setting, and it’s brand new.

We recently upgraded to new, high efficiency top loader and a matching dryer and have noticed the same thing. Typical wash takes an hour (don’t use fabric softener)…which is substantially longer than our old unit. However, the upside is that the dryer is much faster now than before—so essentially it used to be the dryer we were waiting on…now it is the washing machine. :shrug:

I have used a lot of washing machines and I find that the high efficiency washers take at least an hour to do a load. I have used the quick wash cycle and that takes about 45 minutes. My mother’s prehistoric washer took only 25 minutes for a load. Ah, the good old days.

If you have an infant I suggest you use the regular cycle with an extra rinse.

Mine takes about 2-3 hours for a full load of cotton textiles (13 pounds) using the energy efficient setting with a single rinse and spin cycle, but it’s a horizontal axis top loader (meaning it operates like a front loader but loads from the top via a trap door in the drum) and they’re notoriously slow. Very effective, however, and the cycle length is not far off from normal in my part of the world.

Not all cycles are so long. I wash the altar linen using the “hand wash” cycle with an extra rinse and spin, and that takes 50 minutes. Everything comes out spotless most of the time but altar linen is rarely truly dirty.

I do also have two quick load cycles at my disposal. One takes 45 minutes and the other takes a half hour. They’re a non-starter if the clothes are more than lightly soiled or have any sort of stain on them, though.

We have an energy efficient front loader and it takes 45 minutes. The “fast” option is 30 minutes. I really dislike our washer. It takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r to do laundry.

The dryer is worse. I have to run everything multiple times before it’s dry.

These were both top rated by Consumer Reports. :eek:

I MISS my old “inefficient” top loader. :blush:

I have the same problem where it takes a long time to run the wash at the least 100 minutes on regular cycles. I found out it is the type of washer/dryer set I bought. They’re front loaders and are supposed to be more efficient energy wise because they use less water because they have more longer spin and stop and soak cycles. Therefore, it takes longer on the washing end but the drying time is shortened because it spins more in the wash, so on that end it uses less energy for the dryer. They’re supposed to overall take the same amount of time as having the cycles run the same lengths of time but it seems to take me a longer time overall to complete multiple loads. Perhaps that’s because the initial wash time is so long I end up having to wait or delay adding a new load for when I have more free time to do the wash… I never seem to get caught up because of this. I thought about replacing them but I’ve had them for only a few years now …:frowning:

Mine is about 6 months old. I see that it does take longer, but I can fit more clothes into the machine. So it’s a wash:o. (sorry for the pun)

I typically use the light soil on casual setting. This seems to take about 30 minutes. The light soil on regular setting typically takes another 15 minutes. I find that the regular setting damages clothes more, so I try to avoid it.

Our washing machine works much like my office copier. The length of time increases exponentially according to the urgency of the need.

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