Washing of Feet: Men Only?


I know this was discussed last year, but can anyone give me some texts with regards to the norm that only men can have their feet washed on Holy Thursday? I am a liturgist, and need a source in order to implement anything. I just can’t find anything. Thanks, and may God bless your lenten journey. +


From the Roman Missal, with its instructions for the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday. It has:
Washing of Feet

Depending on pastoral circumstances, the washing of feet follows the homily.
The men who have been chosen are led by the ministers to chairs prepared in a suitable place. Then the priest (removing his chasuble if necessary) goes to each man. With the help of the ministers, he pours water over each one’s feet and dries them."
(Roman Missal, Catholic Book Publishing Co., New York, 1985, page 136).

The 2002 Latin Edition of the Roman Missal also has the word “viri” meaning “men” in its description of the washing of feet. (Missale Romanum, Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 2002, ISBN: 8820972719, page 300).


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