Washing of the Feet: A requirement?


Is the Washing of the Feet a requirement as a part of the Mass of the Lord Jesus’s Last Supper on Holy Thursday?


No, it’s optional.






I have noticed that there have been a few questions on here about Holy Week lately. Lent may begin tomorrow, but Holy Week isn’t for another month. :shrug:

Anyway, no, you do not have to participate in the washing of the feet. You do not even have to attend the Mass, as it is not a holy day of obligation. I can understand that some people may be uncomfortable with someone else touching their feet, so I do not think anyone would judge you.

Which reminds me: I wonder what the Holy Father will do for Maundy Thursday this year? I wonder if he will wash the feet of the poor of Rome, or if he will wash the feet of a parish priest, or many other possibilities? I cannot wait to find out.



From the Roman Missal for Holy Thursday.

#10. After the Homily, where pastoral reason suggests it, the Washing of Feet follows.

The words “where pastoral reason suggests it” is another way of saying that it’s optional.


Even in parishes where it is done, it is not done for EVERYBODY…



Remember last year he washed the feet of the imprisoned including a Muslim female. I expect he will again act in such a grace filled way!


FrDavid96, Thank you for the statement from the Roman Missal for Holy Thursday.

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