Washington and Lee University to remove Confederate flags following protests

I don’t know if the founding fathers can be called traitors… but I do know that the Confederates committed treason against this nation, yet many in the south claim to be ardent patriots, but still proudly fly the stars and bars, which is an affront to THIS nation.

Perhaps you could call early Americans traitors, but I’d argue that the nation they formed was a better one. I’d also say that the Confederate States were traitors to this nation, and their flag stands in direct oposition to everything THIS nation stands for. So I guess my point is that they should pick one… do they want to be Confederates, or do they want to be Americans? The two are mutually exclusive.

General Lee, wasn’t dumb, knew what he was fighting for and the right to hold slaves was paramount. Even when it was suggested that the South free their slaves at the tail end of the war, and the confederate legislature rejected the idea, Lee fought on. Lee saw slaves as property, that he owned them and their labor. He actually tried to hold onto slaves he inherited past the time they were set to be emancipated.

The origins of the Confederate flag… and of the swastika don’t matter as much as what they now stand for. The people you see flying the Swastica now are usually not flying it to represent the four faces of Brahma.

As for the origins of what we refer to as the Confederate flag, was designed by William Porcher Miles, and was initially rejected as the national flag of the CSA. It was later adopted by both the Confederate Navy, and as the battle flag of the Armies of Northern Virginia.

Like any symbol you can see in it anything you wish. I see defiance to Yankee imperialism that has succeeded in getting hundreds of thousands of Americans killed in useless and meaningless wars of imperial intrigue, starting with the last half of the 19th century. I cannot see the politically correct interpretation of the permanently aggrieved and insulted minorities. But that is just me.

Wait a second… Are you actually saying that the cause of stopping slavery was useless? Can you really not see how some people are offended by the flag?

What if he did? The Federal government attacked his country Virginia. he had a right to defend his home and his country, Virginia. At the time, as it has been said, it was grammatically correct to say the United States are…

At the time Lee resigned his commission and joined the confederacy, Virginia had not been attacked.

Also, please note: Lee was famous for being a general that took the offense, not the defense.

Well, then the American flag also represents treason… Against the British! But I proudly fly it every day. I believe the Confederate flags also represent States’ rights.

True enough but, Virginia voted to secede after Lincoln called for volunteers to go down to Carolina and kill other Americans.

I would say Lee always strove to seize the initiative in a fight, something he did quite well when Jackson and Stewart were around. On offensive campaigns, where he set out to conquer a peace, he flubbed badly.

So now the nation has to be victorious, and prove that theirs is the better nation? I would argue that the Confederate soldiers believed the CSA to be a better government than the federal government of the United States. I think it is hard to commit treason if you don’t believe the action you are committing is one of treason. They felt neglected and disrespected by the government, and therefore decided to form their own country that would give them the due rights afforded to states under the Constitution.

I actually would say the Confederate flag represents everything that this Nation stands for. Serious ideological differences (NOT SLAVERY) that led to the point of cessation and war, then the ability for the sides to reconcile and reunite. Wouldn’t you say that our political parties are very close to this point? Wouldn’t we hope for some reconciliation so our government doesn’t have to shutdown because sides refuse to negotiate?

Why is it presumed, that because of opposition to the imperial Washington government, IMHO I believe, the US has morphed into it is automatically assumed one is in favor of slavery. First off I don’t care about slavery it was 150 years ago that it became illegal. Get over it. Of course that evil institution was so much worse than the slavery imposed on the children today… They will just be indebted for life to banksters. But, it’s a whole other discussion.

It is not surprising that the federal government would commit large scale homicide on other Americans just because they don’t want to play together anymore. That is what governments do best, preserve and grow their power.

Now, if you think you can justify US making war on Spain, grabbing oversea colonies. Manipulating its way into WWI, provoking the Japanese and then setting up the Pacific fleet as bait to get into WWII, follow that with fighting the North Koreans Chinese, Vietnamese, Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans, Somali’s, Serbs et cetera et cetera good. Have at it.

Lest we not forget that Lee was offered the command of the Union armies, and declined because he refused to fight against his brothers. But it would do a lot of people some good to read up on Lee, how he had a school for slaves on his plantation (which was illegal, the dirty criminal) and it has been noted that his children had it tougher than his slaves.

To be clear, I am in no way trying to downplay the struggles caused by slavery in America, but Robert E. Lee should not be thrown in with bigots who use the Confederate Flag as a symbol of oppression and discrimination, and those who have read about him will see that.

I believe that it is the flag of an enemy nation that committed treason against the US. While I agree that the US flag represents treason against the UK… I believe that that was for a good cause. I refuse to accept the idea that “states’ rights” include the right to violate basic human rights. The historical implications of the Confederate flag boil down to a group of US states attempting to leave the union on the faulty claim that the will of the majority in those states should be used to justify the attrocity that is slavery.

So should the symbol be entirely forsaken because some have perverted its meaning? Perhaps the swastika is unable to be reclaimed, but do you think the same holds true for the Confederate flag?

I believe Lee is buried at Arlington National Cemetery, could be wrong though.

The “basic human rights” believed by the slave-owning men who wrote those words into the founding documents of our nation?

And honestly, if you think the Civil War was because of slavery, you might as well argue that the Benghazi attack was about an anti-Islamic film.

Yes… The entire conflict was based on the CSA’s desire to perpetuate the legality of slavery… the entire premise of their complaint against the US is faulty. Like I said, there was no “states’ right” to violate human rights.

He’s burried at the Lee Chapel. His long time home is directly across from the National Cemetary… that may by why you’re confused.

The Civil War is over and it took slavery with it into the history books. If they wish to display the flags under a historic context that should be fine. If they wish to wave them around like banners of war, and treason. Then they need to go away.

For stevegravy, the confederate states had to be destroyed, and the world is a better place for it.


The Confederacy was never recognized as a nation. It was a fiction the Yankee government maintained to keep European interest out of the fight, yet they prosecuted aggressive war against the Confederacy. A crime they charged Nazi Germany with 80 years later.

[FONT=Arial]As far as the atrocity of slavery, please stop it. Nobody fights the slave trade today yet it abounds mostly in Islamic countries.

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