Washington Asks: What to Do About Israel?

WASHINGTON — Some topics are so inflammatory that they are never discussed without first inserting a number of caveats. And so, when Anthony Cordesman, a foreign policy dignitary in this town’s think tank circuit, dropped an article on Wednesday headlined “Israel as a Strategic Liability,” he made sure to open with a plethora of qualifications.

First, he noted, America’s commitment to Israel is motivated by morality and ethics — a reaction to the Holocaust, to Western anti-Semitism and to American foot-dragging before and during World War II that left European Jews slaughtered by the Nazis. Second, Israel is a democracy with the same values as the United States. Third, the United States will never abandon Israel, and will help it keep its military edge over its neighbors. And America will guard Israel against an Iranian nuclear threat.

But once Mr. Cordesman had dispensed with what in the newspaper world is called the “to-be-sure” paragraphs, he laid out a dispassionate argument that has gained increased traction in Washington — both inside the Obama administration (including the Pentagon, White House and State Department) and outside, during forums, policy breakfasts, even a seder in Bethesda. Recent Israeli governments, particularly the one led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Mr. Cordesman argued, have ignored the national security concerns of its biggest benefactor, the United States, and instead have taken steps that damage American interests abroad.


IMHO We need to focus on helping the Palestinians garner a leadership capable of signing a peace treaty and adhering to it.

Personally, I find ALL three governments lacking.

I think Israel has an United States problem. Obama threw them under the bus the first week he was in office.

I agree. And lack of US support for Israel destablized the area. - Allowing other Countries in the area to push the envelope. Since they feel alone, they must defend themselves to the best of their ability.
(Many in the Jewish Faith publically recently supported our Catholic beliefs regarding the cruel abuse and partial dishonesty of the Press, during the Priest abuse cases. Let’s not throw them under the bus.)

Does this discrimination sound like shades of world war II ? Pray for peace.

I think the United States needs to focus on rescuing…the United States! Unless we restore our economy, our days of being a world power are numbered.

Ah yes…what to do about the ONLY democracy in the middle east.:hmmm:

A democracy whose right to exist is denied by most of the non-democracies.:tsktsk:

Frankly, I have no idea. But I would keep a careful eye on Israel’s nuclear bombs.:whistle:

Perhaps we should first attempt to garner for our “special friend” a leadership capable of signing a peace treaty and adhering to it before doing so for a people of whose inhuman condition (i.e. Gaza, the concentration camp) and slaughter we tacitly approve.

Personally, I find ALL three governments lacking.

I couldn’t agree more.

People still falsely believe that we are a wealthy nation.

Your quotes have nothing to do with current destabalization in the area, which is worse than it has been in years. Much of the aide came back to our US companies (jobs) who manufactured the planes and defense systems.
Look at a map. The Country is small enough that if Nuclear Arms were used fallout would effect many of the Countries in the area including themselves. However, if push comes to shove - ? ? ? ?

Unfortunately, with enough money you can elect almost anyone.

I see the fact that Hamas came to power in an election described as “the most democratic in Palestinian or Arab history”, which was thoroughly monitored by the European Union, is a rather inconvenient truth.

Hamas did have an election.
They bought their votes through significant aide within their Country. They got their money from outside Palastine.
Too many folks throughout the world vote for what is best for “Me” and what can “I” get out of it, rather than what is best for my Country.

the best thing we could do for our national security is to give israel ten times more weapons than they currently have and give them carte blanche to deal with iran and the other dangerous regimes however they see fit.

Exactly - we are a nation deeply in debt. We can’t afford to be helping other nations right now; we just have to let them fend for themselves.

Here’s a newsflash for you, Walter Cronkite…That’s how all elections are won, here and abroad.

This is utterly stupid. As any Muslim will tell you, and any person with common sense can see for himself, it is our policy of unconditionally backing Israel that is the cause of our national security problems. As much as Israel likes playing the part of “david”, Israel is actually the “goliath” in the region. As soon as we stop playing favorites, and start working toward justice, our national security situation will improve dramatically. Muslims hate us because of our support for a racist regime (i.e. the Israeli government).

Moreover, who are we to give anybody a white card to “deal with” anybody else. If two nations want to war, let them. History will show which side was more justified for their actions. You talk of Iran being a dangerous regime…Hello? Israel is the most dangerous regime in the region…by far. Israel is the only nation that is equipped with nuclear weapons, not to mention other brand new US technologies that other foreign ‘powers’ won’t have for decades. This has been shown time and time again, but Americans don’t want to believe it because, for whatever reason, we believe that the Jews are more special than the Arabs, and that they can do no wrong. They have even infected Americans with their racist ideas about themselves.

Please rethink your opinions regarding our “special friend”. Israel is our biggest liability, whether it be in the form or Muslims attacking us again, or Israel directly spying on us and selling our governmental, military, and technological secrets to other countries, including China…When we support racists, it makes us look…racist, duh.

It may be stupid, but it will work.

And when we support a bunch of nazi wannabes, it makes us look stupid.

Your “solution” seems rather “final” to me.

“It”? What’s the goal??? Provide the Israelis with 10X the number of weapons so they can…do what? Exterminate all the Palestinians? They’re doing a fine job of it without the extra weapons. Maybe if they murder enough innocent people the world will be intimidated into shutting up completely, and won’t mention the scores of UN resolutions which Israel has ignored for decades and is still in violation of. :shrug: Yeah, let’s just side with the aggressors here and forget about the muslims, and our Christian brethren which are bearing the brunt of Israel’s illegal, murderous blockade etc.

And when we support a bunch of nazi wannabes, it makes us look stupid.

Yes, it is making us look stupid supporting the nazi wannabes, aka Israel. Gaza is the concentration camp. “Never again” didn’t mean “never again”, it meant “never again to the Jews”, which is why, including Gaza and elsewhere, there are currently several genocides and “ethnic cleansings” going on around the world, which we all ignore. I guess if it’s not financially or politically important, it doesn’t matter. I don’t expect you to see it or understand…just letting you know that Israel and the US are the ones with egg on our faces.

Your “solution” seems rather “final” to me.

43 years (62 years since the state of Israel was founded) of doing it the other way haven’t borne any fruit. It’s about time we come to terms with our own racism and prejudices and actually work toward a resolution, instead of pretending to do so…wink nod wink.

Oh, I see “It”, and I understand. I know thinly disguised racism and hatred when I see it; and that is what I see when I look at Gaza.

The goal is a free and secure Israel, period. No compromises, period. I am willing to support Israel for 1000 years if necessary, and I believe it will be necessary.

I agree completely with Charles Krauthammer on this, "The world is tired of these troublesome Jews, 6 million – that number again – hard by the Mediterranean, refusing every invitation to national suicide. For which they are relentlessly demonized, ghettoized and constrained from defending themselves, even as the more committed anti-Zionists – Iranian in particular – openly prepare a more final solution. "

You wouldn’t mind providing the source for this ‘illegal blockade’ - you are talking about, would you?
Isn’t Gaza under Hamas…a self declared enemy of Israel?

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