Washington DC: Gang Recruiting Seen As Early As Elementary School


Washington DC: Gang Recruiting Seen As Early As Elementary School




GAITHERSBURG, MD (WUSA9) - It starts early. WUSA9 learned Thursday, gang leaders are recruiting new members in a disturbing place: Elementary Schools.

“Oh grade-school. They’re recruiting in grade-school but generally 5th grade and on,” said Northern Virginia Regional Task Force Director Jay Lanham.

It may feel like they’re babies, but 5th grade and on, the time kids are starting to find themselves, has become a prime target age for MS-13 gang recruiting especially, according to Lanham.

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His team is aiding the investigation into the gang-related murder of 15-year-old Alexandra Reyes-Rivas, the Montgomery County teen found dead in Springfield, Va. this past weekend.


I blame Betsy DeVos.


Been going on in Chicago for over 40 years easily, probably alot longer.


I lived in Augusta,Georgia for some time (and I still refer to Augusta as “my city” as I still live in the metro area. I was asked in the seventh grade on the school bus if I wanted to join a gang. I said no. They didn’t push me to join them afterwards. I think gang mentality is in many ways pseudo-religious. I think drugs, sex, and violence are their sacraments, and gang membership their fellowship. Just a thought. Anyway, not all gangs will let you say no. Growing up around heavy gang involvement, I had to learn just to stay away from it. Not always easy when gang violence happens outside of your house and in your schools.


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