Washington inmate released early because of error accused of killing woman


I don’t what to say other than some people never learn from their mistakes. This guy had not even served his full sentence and is already accused of vehicular homicide. The coward left his girlfriend lying dead on the pavement, allegedly.

There were a number of inmates that were released early due to some sort of “system glitch.” Here is a story about another inmate:


It’s an unfortunate situation. We should pray for all of the inmates released early and those impacted (whether positively or negatively) by their release.

A mistake ended in tragedy. Considering how many were released, it could be much worse. One would hope this failure has been analyzed and will not be repeated.

The problem is, you wont hear about the ump-teen inmates who turned their lives around as a result of this and learned their lesson…media would never report that.

Mikekle, check out the story I posted earlier and linked above. It’s about an inmate who was turning his life around after being out of prison for about a year and respectfully turned himself in when asked to do so in order to finish his sentence. The story was reported by a local news station in Seattle. :thumbsup:

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