WASHINGTON: Kerry Rebukes Israel, Calling Settlements a Threat to Peace


WASHINGTON — Secretary of State John Kerry accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel on Wednesday of thwarting peace in the Middle East, speaking with a clarity and harshness almost never heard from American diplomats when discussing one of their closest and strongest allies.

With only 23 days left in his four-year turn as secretary of state, during which he made the search for peace in the Middle East one of his driving missions, Mr. Kerry said the Israeli government was undermining any hope of a two-state solution to its decades-long conflict with the Palestinians.


I thought the campaigning was over.


Israel has been annexing territory and the US has not applied any sanctions.


And it should. Yet, it is quick to apply sanctions and cause the death of millions under false pretenses. Shame.


Let me see if I have this right: Israelis are settling in Israeli territory. This is problematic?


it think it is isreal settling in hamas territory, now that is problematic.


Can someone explain to me what Kerry was saying when he said that Israel can be Jewish or democratic but not both? And why should Israel even care what he says?


I thought Hamas are terrorists? How do they even have a territory?

I admit that I find that whole area of the world hard to understand. I am not trying to start a fight by my comments, I am seriously asking.



What Obama should, but probably won’t, do before he leaves office is formally recognize Palestine.


Thanks for the explanation gnjsdad.

I think my problem with other countries are why they can’t just let people practice their faith as they wish and leave others alone. We in the United States, should never take our religious freedom for granted. :blush:


The Israeli disengagement from Gaza didn’t offer a lot of peace in that region. I’m not sure why the West Bank would make much of a difference either. Hamas and Fatah are still battling it out for political control. It’s a train wreck that isn’t going to be solved by inconsequential UN resolutions.

The Israelis and Fatah look to be the most reasonable hope for any sort of Israeli-Palestinian peace and two-state solution. But there’s Hamas, Gulf States and the UN all inflating the problems.

It’s probably a sad situation that may take another 50 years to look more promising.


Arabs in Israel have all the same rights as Jews do with two exceptions only. They cannot be in high-level sensitive security spots, and they can’t be Prime Minister. Otherwise, their rights are the same. Arabs are in the Israeli parliament. They have high rank in the Israeli military. They hold local political office.

On the other hand, there are no Jews in the parliaments of any Arab states. In Jordan, no Jew can be a citizen. There are no Jews in Arab armies. There are virtually no Jews in Arab lands at all.

What I assume Kerry meant is that Israel can’t be a Jewish state if someday there are enough ARabs governed by Israel to outvote the Jews. That’s likely true, but it’s not today, and it might never be. There can be, and are, “Islamic states”. There can be “German states”. There can be “Italian states”. Just not Jewish states.

Kerry is reflecting the hatred prevalent in the Arab world for Jews.

In the West Bank, what Israel wants is for Jews to be able to live there. Nobody questions the “right” of Arabs to live there. Only Jews are questioned in that regard. And what does Kerry think would be the fate of the 800,000 Jews in the WEst Bank if Hamas ruled there? It would be “get out or die, preferably die”.


Ah yes, because tolerance should only be one way. That is how it is with leftists, Arab nations, and Muslims.


HAMAS is the Palestinian government in the Gaza Strip.



Hamas is a terrorist organization that obsesses over killing Jews.


To my knowledge nothing is in motion yet, but given demographic projections, there has been talk among the hardliners of stripping all non-Jew’s of voting rights.


There you go. There is my confusion.


Well, “obsessing over killing Jews” might not be right, though they are certainly very militarily hostile to the nation state of Israeli but yes, it’s been categorized as a terrorist organization by Israel, the US, and Canada. They are also the adminstering government of the Gaza Strip, first democratically elected in 2006.

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