Washington Post reports that Prolifers hope that Obama hears their plea


There’s a couple hundred thousand people here and we’re psyched," said Michael Tiziani, 17, a member of the Archdiocese of New Orleans, which brought close to 300 members to the event. Marchers said the crowd was about as large as previous protests, which drew about 250,000.
The crowd virtually retraced the steps of nearly 2 million people two day ago who came to witness the inauguration of PresidentObama, who is pro-choice. The march began at around 12:30 p.m. with a rally at the Mall near 4th street, then proceeded along Constitution Avenue, turning right on First Street toward the steps of the Supreme Court, where another rally was held.

You linked to the Washington Times article.

Here is the Washington Post’s article:

Hopefully, the Preident will realize that he began life as an embryo, a unique human being. This fact can be shown scientifically without much difficulty. Perhaps one voice will reach him and allow him to know that this is true and not a solely religious issue. That terminating a life is terminating a life.


Pro lifers: Please hear our plea!

Obama: Hold on, let me sign this bill. signs FOCA Now, I’m listening.

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