Washington Post: What It Will Take For President Trump to Deport Millions and Build the Wall


Washington Post: What It Will Take For President Trump to Deport Millions and Build the Wall



Is it moral/ethical for Catholics to support mass deportation of all non-violent undocumented people, especially those with small children? (Forget the practical aspect for a moment.)

It’s legal, sure, but…


This could become a whole new industry in itself, meaning LOTS of new job openings, think about it, its going to take lots of people to go ‘rounding up’ all the illegals thru out the nation, they will need to temporarily house them in some type of camps until they can be physically escorted out of the country.

Then the building of the wall, that would be another job boom, probably similar to when the expressways were built, lots of concrete, steel and labor jobs.


Concentration camps perhaps?


There doesn’t need to be an actual wall, all you need to do is set up some sort of system to verify the employment status of immigrants and penalize employers who violate it, and end the practice of granting automatic citizenship to the children of non-US citizens born in the US.


That’s in the constitution.


More like huge white tent buildings that house lots of people for a short amount of time. they will all need food and shelter during this process.

This will be a HUGE machine, and a least 2- 3 will be needed in each state to handle that many people. It will not look pretty on TV either.


Or we could end up just fining the businesses that employ illegals.

Lessen the demand and the flow will stop.

However be prepared for higher prices on produce and restaurant meals.

The press is being over dramatic as usual. :rolleyes:


This is one of the many issues I disagree with Trump on. And so it begins…heaven help us! :gopray2:


The Constitution, I have discovered reading opinions of the court means nothing in particular. Words can change meanings and there is always the penumbra to be read.


I don’t believe Mr. Trump will do or try to do either of those things. Truth be told, we have no idea how he will govern. We’ll just have to wait and see!


And landscaping services and such. My landscaper goes back to Mexico for the winter. I have no idea whether his workers have expired on their work visas or what. The point is that they don’t necessarily ENTER the country illegally.


Interestingly enough he promised the Polish population when he was in Chicago that he would not charge visiting relatives and friends for their visas, which can be several hundred dollars for two weeks.


He’ll probably issue a blanket deportation of anyone arrested without proper papers. He’s not going to try to hunt down all the people here illegally.

He could be in for two terms, and he isn’t getting a wall built the whole length of the US-Mexico border. The idea that he’ll make Mexico pay for it is ludicrous. It is not going to happen.

He told the people he was selling Trump University that he’d hand-picked all the instructors. He hadn’t. Oh, well. (I think he calls his wild superlative-laden over-selling of his products “truthful hyperbole.” :rolleyes:)


They got what they asked for… :rolleyes:


Agreed. This business of “deporting millions” is a crock invented by those who want open borders. If they can’t work here, they won’t stay here. And illegals go home all the time if their home country is in the western hemisphere. Voluntarily. Reduce the incentive to return and they won’t.

The only remaining question is whether we want some to return, and if so, to do what? Pick grapes? There are people here who used to do it but many of them lost their jobs because of illegals. Most of the ones who lost jobs were Hispanics themselves.

We could have visa programs for any labor for which there really are no Americans who would do the job. And I don’t mean industrial jobs. The issue there is pay, not lack of Americans. Will we pay more for a chicken sandwich, then? Well, maybe we should.


This move will be blocked in the government pipeline anyway. Trump cannot just say ok this is what we are doing…:shrug:


I’m not sure of this. The executive already has the power (and the duty) to deport illegals. It’s just that neither Bush nor Obama enforced it, Obama less than Bush.

As to the wall, I think money has already been appropriated for at least part of it. It just hasn’t been built.


Not necessarily, look at what Obama did in regards to illegal immigration, that too was illegal, but he did it anyway.

Many people have been wrong about Trump from the start, they said there was no possible way he could win, especially with the gropping comment thing, but he did, point is, we can sit here and say there is no way he can do any of this, but we may find we are wrong.


One thing he has that’s fairly unusual. He doesn’t owe special interests anything, and doesn’t have to take them into account in working with congress or foreign governments. So many politicians have “due bills” that can suddenly be “cashed”, impeding what they might otherwise do.

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