Washington Schools Removes Asian Students From "Person of Color" Category

Now, I’ve heard it all. Yes, this did happen… not sure if there is a real, real mainstream article on this yet, but from the school district: https://www.nthurston.k12.wa.us/Page/21229

Washington Schools Removes Asian Students From “Person of Color” Category

NOVEMBER 16, 2020
If you need more proof that the “woke” racial movement is nothing more than a farce to create the appearance of a racial equity gap so that leftists can install a socialist government, look no further than one Washington school district.

North Thurston Public Schools, a Washington school district, has decided that Asian students don’t fit in the “person of color” category any longer because, well, they’re messing up the “woke” narrative that says white people are racist because they oppress people of color.

Take heed. The goalposts can shift endlessly, such that the grievances will never end, creating demand for ever more diversity trainers and administrators.

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“Race” has always been a social construct. There’s a book that has a title like “A History of White People” that, among other things, looks at the evolving criteria for whether or not someone was considered white.

Sure but that doesn’t negate the fact there’s an entire industry built on this needless divisiveness.


Yeah, but this type of thinking is causing problems where there shouldn’t be any.

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Indeed. Just in case there were any expectations, I am not seeking to negate anything.

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How do East Asians feel about this?

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